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What's the meaning of friendship on ebaby?



United Kingdom

I like having friends from all over the world. I like to talk with them. On such friendship sites i mostly prefer to have female friends bcz i have more to talk with them than the males. I have 190 + plus friends on my friend list that i at least said a hello to all of them. However 90% haven't even say a hello yet. I wonder where did i go wrong : / Is it bcz they r all female? And this is the nature of females? xD


01:49 AM Jan 03 2009 |

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I feel wonderful that everyone from all over the world has different views. although we come from different countries, one thing is common that  we want to learn English and share the idea of the real . there can be regard as a Spiritual home. our friendship beyond space and time~ we are designed to look for happiness`


04:06 AM Jan 03 2009 |



United Kingdom

Subject: Hello dear new friend, From: good4love Sent: 02:30 AM Jan 03 2009 Message:


Hello dear new friend,
Compliment of the day,How are you today together with your business and your entire family? I guess that everything is ok with you.
As is my pleassure to contact you after viewing your profile today at (www.englishbaby.com)which really interest me in having communication with you .
If you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other better and see what happened in future.
I will be very happy if you can write me through my email for easiest communication and to know all about each other,here is my email () i will be waiting to hearing from you as soon as you receive this mail. I wish you all the best for your day.Bye and take a good care of yourself,have a nice day.(Remember the distance,colour or age does not matter but love and understanding matters a lot in life)
yours new friend

Here is my private email address ()



Hehehe, there r so many cheaters among us as well. All males should be very careful abt them ;d 

02:48 PM Jan 03 2009 |




i have same problem with u..


some monthes ago i had about 500 firend..But i haven't talked with them..They added but didn't write..

then i deleted all them..Then there were just 70-80 firend in my list..


then ppl added again..

Now again i have more than 500 firend..

and i have never talked with about more than 300 ones :D


If i find enough time, I wil delete 400 of themm.. :)

03:09 PM Jan 03 2009 |



United Kingdom

Hello Sibel, ain't it weird? I mean this situation. There's no point and sense of adding someone as a friend if u will never talk with him or her. It's really very hard to understand some ppls mentality. : /


04:32 AM Jan 04 2009 |




The words "friend" + "ship"... its mean like…we can go along in a same journey,in a same ship,having understand eachother, and share the same interest…And the words "decline/delete" in ebaby means  to throw someone/somebodys out from the ship (into the sea?) because he/she might makes your ship ( friendship) sank…Frownnearly correct…? i am not very sure my self…don't try this at sea…

04:48 AM Jan 04 2009 |