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Life Talk!

Why do wemen always torture themselve for being more beautiful?




Why does it always gonna be like that?

The time has gone but wemen are always tortue ourselve to be more beautiful such as in old time Chinese women tie her feet to wear very tiny shoes to make her beautiful.

or in Europe women wear corset to fit her body tiny then could wear nice dress.

even if at this time we still wearing many kind of thing so uncomfortable such as high-heel shoes







What do you think about all this? share with me Smile

05:47 AM Jan 15 2009 |

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It’s different…. Chinese women , in the old time, tie their feet, because if they didn’t do so, ppl would blame they… But things are different now… We wear high heels just because we ourselves want to look more… Erm… Beautiful? At least, if we don’t wear high heels no one will blame us… I like high heels, because i feel happier when i look taller… My best friend Quan has high heels, but she never wear them. She think she walks like a duck on high heels… However, she’s pretty… Much prettier than i am….

06:32 AM Jan 15 2009 |




yeaa i know something dififrent n interesting like them..

Expecially shoes in China..So difirent.:)

To have a smaal foot means being beautiful for some chinese ppl.

Also there are some traditional things that is believed make them beautiful..:)

expecially in african ppl..


But we can think tthey are interesting..

but it is tradition for them..So we can't decide it is stupidly or now..

just interesting for me..


05:05 PM Jan 15 2009 |




i will never make me in suffering..just to make men happy..

Should woman do it? 

04:34 AM Jan 16 2009 |




fashion is sometimes silly and women who did that are sillier!!some societies had some ideas about beauty and women followed without caring about their suffering.i wonder why  in most societies  and most of the times women must look nice while men don't care about their appearance.!beauty is making good use of your nature wether you are a man or a woman.it's not forcing or changing your nature.

01:16 PM Jan 16 2009 |




 and…i know that ribs of  women who wear corset are broken… what a bad end!

06:25 PM Jan 16 2009 |


Syrian Arab Republic

for make the men be happyKiss

11:56 AM Jan 17 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

believe me women all over the world are dummies

and the bad thing is that women torture their self to pleased men





12:05 PM Jan 17 2009 |




For high heel shoes I wear it just wanna look more high coz I'm not tall lol but my brother over 20 cm higher than me lol tht's why I started to wear it.

02:56 AM Jan 19 2009 |


United Kingdom

Women make them beautiful and attractive to attract men…

Dildos,Adult Toys

06:29 AM Jan 19 2009 |




Good question maya run.

It always surprise me to see a lot of girls or women giving too much attention to the way the look or dress AND THEY LACK SENSITIVITY. I don't do that at all ,it may be wierd but i believe that it is not important to be nice and i mean here physically but it is nice to be important and important here means to be someone with power to help other and do good stuff.

I would never ever do something that may hurt me to make others see me as a beautiful girl.Once they knew me the way I am it is up to them to see me beautiful or ugly.

05:21 PM Jan 19 2009 |