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What do you think of long-distance relationships?




Due to the advanced development of technology, it could possibly happen for two people who live in different places to have a crush on each other or start so-called online dating. So what do you think of long-distance relationships? Does it really work? Or it’s just another heartbroken thing when it reveals the truth?

Ha, I’m just curious about what other people think of this.

08:33 AM Jan 15 2009 |

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well, u know i had many situations when started to chat with guy who live far far away, and suddenly realized that im falled in love….but actually it wasn't for a long time, cuz i found a real guy whom i can normally see and normally talk with him, without using msn or skype…so as u see, it's not sirious to ve relations via online talking !!!

10:14 AM Jan 15 2009 |