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World peace-possible or impossible 2 achive



Is it even possible 2 achieve wrld peace,i mean theres more prblms in the wrld thn its solutions ,is it even possible to cntrl desease,war,natural disasters at the same time wrld wide,i dnt really thnk so,n b4 u say nethng, religion cnt solve ths prblm

05:07 PM Jan 20 2009 |

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it is impossible if moms give birth a dawn baby!


Anyway.. I stopped kidding :@

hmm why not it is possible…but i don't think it will be possible in next 100 years.. Becoz still there are a lot of unsensitive ppl in the world..and they are so powerfull..


Ughh..I realy wanna be optimictic..but my realist part doesn't let me think so..:S



05:19 PM Jan 20 2009 |



Thnx 4 ur positive remark cic,bt its ur realistic part tht tells the truth,every time theres a solution,1000 othr prblms are created regardn tht,how to do it?whn to do it?who wud do it?etc,i dnt thnk its ever posble like its imposble 2 get full employemnt

05:32 PM Jan 20 2009 |



United Kingdom

world peace ???!!! are you kiddin me ? of coruse it is not possible, even how much you'd wanted to try this… people were fighting, and they will make a war to each other… youcan live a hope, cuzhope in this case is a bullshit …

07:00 PM Jan 20 2009 |



United Kingdom

sorry,you can Not live a hope :P

07:01 PM Jan 20 2009 |


United States

It is possible.. first step is to eliminate all religion.


Imagine a world with no guns, war, hating, killing – it IS possible. Please watch ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM last part (it is translated in different languages with subtitles for all)



The Venus Project operates out of a 21.5-acre Research Center located in Venus, Florida.

When one considers the enormity of the challenges facing society today, we can safely conclude that the time is long overdue for us to reexamine our values, and to reflect upon and evaluate some of the underlying issues and assumptions we have as a society. This self-analysis calls into question the very nature of what it means to be human, what it means to be a member of a "civilization," and what choices we can make today to ensure a prosperous future for all the world's people.

At present we are left with very few alternatives. The answers of yesterday are no longer relevant. Either we continue as we have been with our outmoded social customs and habits of thought, in which case our future will be threatened, or we can apply a more appropriate set of values that are relevant to an emergent society.




Peace be upon everyone

07:24 PM Jan 20 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

it is possible for pimples to go away when you remove the pus from it…. when you put the make-up on the skin and it has a pimples ,that mean you don't solve the problem.

do you understand what i mean ?

07:47 PM Jan 20 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

imposible coz of the evil side inside all human beings…

08:02 PM Jan 20 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

If we are angels then yes!

However, we are humans, even if there is no religion no guns, still people have different minds, if  one guy is good ,  the other will be bad , another one is aggressive and ..etc…this will bring about problems

Problems exist every where not only with humans, even with animals and even with plants when some plants colonize other's!!,, this is life cycle ,,

However, problems can be alleviated by some ways wether it is a natural-made problem ( like earthquakes ) or human-made problem like war



08:14 PM Jan 20 2009 |




Different ideologies exist.

Every nation adopts its own ideology.

And every nation defends its ideology and spread it and hope that all the people adopt it.

That's why nations, as they fought before and are fighting now, they will fight until the end of their existence on earth.

Capitalists fight to protect and spread capitalism.

Communists fight to protect and spread communism.

Muslims fight to protect and spread islam.

But the question here is who is right and who is wrong.

Certainly, everyone will say my way of life is the right one and the others are wrong.

Can you prove that you're right? Using rational arguments?

This is the essence.

Capitalism and communism are human made ideologies. Therefore, no one is able to prove that he is on the right path. Simply because people have different points of view.  For example, no one can prove that hanging a killer is better than putting him in jail for the rest of his life or vice-versa.

With islam things are different.

The source of islam is the qur'an. Qur'an itself proves that it is not a human made book. It is miraculous. It is made by a super human power. It doesn't contain any contradictions, it tells about history of ancient people and never goes against scientific truths. No man can write such a book. This book is revealed by the creator of us and all the universe.

This qur'an shows people the right ideology to follow and the way of life to adopt.

It is the way of life that we humans have to follow since it is our creator that commands us to do.

This is the right path. 

I call you to know this way of life and learn it then you are free to follow it or not.

It is extremely important to know islam while you are still alive. Because after death no one will have access to qur'an to read it and learn it. Then one might regret that he didn't  read the message from his creator and that he kept himself busy with less important matters.



09:37 PM Jan 20 2009 |