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Do you belive in love at first sight ?



This metter is reason of discussion and disagreement. Bacause People have different ideias about love at first sight. As all of you know love is unpredictable, you can't  predict how and when it happens.


Tell me if is it possible to love someone at first sight ? 


08:29 AM Jan 27 2009 |

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Russian Federation

u said right.. love is unpredictable.. and when it comes, it comes.. no matter will that be "at first sight" or not..


if you ask me – i do believe that human can fall in love at first sight.. but is it "love" as true feeling or is it "infatuation", only time will show..

08:50 AM Jan 27 2009 |



Have you ever faced a situation of this kind ? 

09:31 AM Jan 27 2009 |



Russian Federation

yeah i did.. once i fell in love.. right at first sight.. and i thought that was love.. but time showed me that it was only passion.. and when this passion went away, i didn't wanna be with that guy anymore.. 



09:45 AM Jan 27 2009 |




Only time can tell whether it was love, infatuation or you were simply besotted. Sometimes those butterflies in your stomac are nothing but gastrological inflammation Laughing. Mostly, it depends on your present mood when you meet new person: when you're lonesome, everybody can seem attractive for you. Personally, it happened to me from the very first letter typed on instant messenger.

01:59 PM Jan 27 2009 |




I believe. I have such experience. I can recognize a person I will have a romantic relationship with at first sight. 

But I think you can just fall in love(to fall in love is not the same as to love) with someone. As it was said time will show if your feeling becomes true love or not. 

03:11 PM Jan 27 2009 |



No, love is a deeper question, for me it´s difficult to believe in love at first sight. I mean, maybe it could be physical attraction but not love.

04:52 PM Jan 27 2009 |