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Converting to Islam: Would you think of doing it?



United Kingdom

Who would convert to Islam? If so, why?

If not, why not?

If you're already a Muslim, why do you think it's the right religion? Why should one convert?


NOTE: I'm not a Muslim. I'm just interested to hear the different thoughts on the topic.

10:38 PM Jan 28 2009 |

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United Kingdom

“Because you couldn’t do anything and the world blame you for destroying Lebanon for no cause, and for killing thousand of civilians, the world got shocked from your crimes, and Israel didn’t have the choice to stop, and olmar is like other Israelis.”

That’s some odd Arab perspective. The world saw very well the rockets falling on Israeli cities and how Hezbollah provoked the conflict the first place. The world simply doesn’t like wars going on, it doesn’t mean that they hate Israel or believe that it was the aggressor.

“The leaders of Isreal are all either criminals or bribers or violent or adulterers or thieves.
Olmart is a briber, your old president is a adulterer, your Sharon is a criminal, and if I go in the past, is the same thing, groups of oblique and slanted leaders.”

LOL. Compared to the leaders that the Palestinians have, or the genocidal murderers that have run Iraq and Sudan, I’m not sure if anyone takes you seriously.
Olmert was a corrupt lier. Sharon was a hero and visionary that unfortunately should have stayed prime minister longer.

“Actually Israel didn’t make the rockets stopped, Israel stopped the war when I got convinced that It couldn’t get anything, and Hamas continued firing rockets, but after some discussions between themselves, they decide to stop rockets, and Israel didn’t do that.”

The effect is the same. They wouldn’t have stopped had Israel not shown them force. Whether they say they did because they wanted to or not, is beside the point.

“Israel planed to take out Hamas from Gaza and give it back to Fateh, but it didn’t win.”

Israel planned no such thing. Hamas can invent objectives for Israel and then say it didn’t achieve them. This changes nothing.

“Maybe Hamas didn’t win, but it didn’t loose because it stayed there, and now it’s strong than before, and it have more weapons than it had before the war, like Hizbollah has more now, and the nest time you’ll receive and fight against a harder peple thn you did, like in Lebanon.”

I’ll use the same logic. Israel is still there so it won as well. Ta-da! We’re now nowhere.

“Tell me, what Israel won!!!!!!!”

You said it yourself. Hamas stopped its rocket fire.

“You were punishing Palestinians people not Hamas, because Hamas stayed and it’s stronger than before.
Israel hit and killed the civilians, and the death of Hamas were small comparing with the civilians.”

According to Hamas. The reality is that they’re anything but ‘stronger than before’. The have no money, far less military capability, no international backing, no supplies, nothing. Hence why they’re happy with international efforts by some groups to ‘open Gaza’.

“It helped your soldiers by asking them to hide behind their materials, and don’t fight face to face against the Palestinians, because you’re afraid of having a lot of killed, like you had in Lebanon in 2006.”

Every time Israel attacks anywhere, when completely justified, people like you put all of their emphasis on civilian casualties. My answer is: There would be no dead civilians if Israel hadn’t been forced into a conflict in the first place.
If people are so concerned with civilians dieing, they should then stop groups like Hamas and Hezbollah starting wars with Israel in the first place. It’s logical.
You don’t kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers and then expect Israel not to reacts. It’s some weird Arab double standard which people like me, obviously think is garbage.

“You call it as you like, Israel is for us an occupation, and we will work to end it like we ended other occupations in our lands.”

Israel is a country, a member of the UN, recognized by most countries in the world. So you’re simply wrong.

“All the occupiers hade a full country, like France occupier in Algeria and UK in other countries, that doesn’t mean anything.”

France was not Algeria.  France had a presence in Algeria.
Israel equally is its own country, with a majority of its own citizens.

“Yes, It did that, they Jews inside Gaza left and they didn’t want that, they left because the Palestinians didn’t stop resisting, and that was very hard of the Israelis who used to live in Gaza.”

Oh really? Then I suppose you didn’t see the large struggle of the disengagement, where Israel has to literally force people out of their homes.  The Jews of Gush Katif wanted very much to stay in their homes.
I now think that they should have stayed.

“Israel left Gaza as it left south of Lebanon, because of the resisting, not because another thing.”

According to Hezbollah. Israel wasn’t planning on staying in the South of Lebanon forever.

“this was made my the Israelis, who want you me believe it.”

It’s your excuse for any reality you don’t wish to face.
The entire world watched Israel evacuate from Gaza, it wasn’t some secret affair somewhere. I remember watching it live in television.

05:32 AM Mar 23 2009 |



United Kingdom

“Because the Zionist organization came, and premised you to have a special state, and you don’t need to belong to other nations, as you did in Arab countries.”

Jews never fully belonged to other nations, and the Zionist movement was a reaction to this. Herzl was influenced by the strong tides of anti-semitism in Europe and elsewhere.
His theory that Jews were not apart of their societies proved true again in the Arab countries. They were thrown out because they were Jewish, not because they were Israelis or Zionists. I find it surprising how you’re trying to justify this.

“During lest 2000 years you were a minority, and that don’t give you the right to take this lands and throw them people, just to be a majority.”

Jews would have been the majority if all of them lived in their homeland. And clearly Jews are nowadays the majority as was intended.

“The Ottoman Empire came between (1200 to 1900), but this region is Islamic from 700 AC.
Don’t you know the history? There were Arabic empire like Abassiine.”

And again, the Jewish kingdoms were there long before the Arabic Empire.

“What do you mean founded the country, did the Jews created this land, invented it from anything.”

Jews were the first kingdoms in the land, the first people of any note that lived there and settled there.

“Before the Jews, there were civilizations live in it, like the Cannanists, and Israel came after them, and other nation came after the Jews, all that is an old history.  “

The Canaanites were not a civilization but a collection of tribes that settled in parts of there. All that exists are biblical accounts so its impossible to ascribe things to them.

“The Jews lived in Spain and north Africa from 2500 years, don’t you know that!!!!!!!!!”

Jews did not live in either of those places until the beginning of the Jewish diaspora. 2500 years ago is an impossibly date.

“Sure, a minority of Jews stayed there.”

CE 132–135.  The Bar Kokhba revolt was the majority of the worlds jews at that time, rising up against the Romans.
It was after this revolt that they were thrown out.

“That is not right, the jews were not all under foreign persecution, in Arab countries were free.In my country Algeria, my grand parents told me about the Jews in my home town, they were look like us, and they were like us, but they were Jews, there were no difference, only the religion.”

And equally those same people were not ‘like you’ enough given that they’re likely no longer living in Algeria.
Jews are their own people, and not just a religion. And thus Jews collectively moved to Israel.

“If they didn’t want to come to live in Israel, that means that they don’t want that, they had plenty of time to do that, but they didn’t do, because they don’t want that.

So, your prays that you were telling me about it, praying to come back are only words, and they don’t care about them, and maybe a lot of Jews don’t believe that they have to come bck there as the Jews organization that deny the right of Israel in this land.”

Jews are slowly moving to Israel. Indeed the population keeps going up as more Jews across the world move there.
Just because they haven’t all suddenly decided to move there within a day doesn’t mean anything. The number of Jews outside Israeli goes down, those within goes up.

“The UN had no right to decide about our lands, and the UN was guided from the west, the west occupier who was helping Israel, so the UN decisions don’t cost anything.

Did the UN give the independence to Algeria and many other countries from the occupier, not, UN was a ways in West hand, not more than that. “

Then accept the UN when you want to.
In one post you cite how Israel apparently ignores UN resolutions, and here you’re giving a clear example of you not following them in the first place.

05:33 AM Mar 23 2009 |



United Kingdom

And please stop using the word 'dear'. I think you're mixing it up with some term in Arabic.


In English, 'dear' is generally used between husband and wife.

05:34 AM Mar 23 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

And please stop using the word 'dear'. I think you're mixing it up with some term in Arabic.

بالعربي الفصيح : ياعزيزي

In English, 'dear' is generally used between husband and wife.

In English, 'We' are special here, we are in a forum, i.e. a formal our 'dear'

03:16 PM Mar 23 2009 |



United Kingdom

You can say at the title of a letter:  "Dear Mr. X…)

But you can't use 'dear' in the way that he's been using it. 

07:05 PM Mar 23 2009 |



United Kingdom

Yes. that's not in dispute that the French committed crimes in Algeria as well.

The OAS, which I think tried to assassinate De Gaulle as well as killed ordinary Algerians. French colonists were also guilty of random killings.


As for the death count in Iraq:



The  numbers on here are far from the 1.5 million mark and I don't even like this site either.


02:27 PM Mar 25 2009 |



United Kingdom

"UN accused Israel for war crimes in Lebanon, Israel killed many civilians in Lebanon, and destroyed a lot of building without any reasons, only to punish the Lebanon people."
I don't believe so. Yes, scores of Lebanese civilians were killed in Lebanon, but as usual there are equal criticisms by NGOs, like Amnesty International, against Hezbollah for attacking from civilian area.  Civilians and buildings were destoyed in the crossfire against Hezbollah, not on purpose to punish Lebanese civilians, who had nothing to do with the war.
"That is legal, because they have prisoners in your prisons, and by this way, they could take what they wanted, they got back all the Lebanon prisoners inside Israel."
I'm not sure what type of Internation Law you're going by, I'm guessing its one where Israel is wrong for everything and Arabs are right for everything…
The groups within Lebanon are illegal. There are subsequent  UN resolutions from the 90s, calling on Lebanon to disband these groups.
Secondly, it is completely illegal for a non-state group, even a state group, to enter another country's territory, then, to add insult to injury, kill and kidnap their soldiers.
"Israel is still occupying a piece of Lebanon, and we’re allowed to get it back, and killing your soldiers and kidnap them is allowed."

The tiny area of the Beersheba farms. It was at one point claimed by both Syria and Lebanon. So who knows who it belongs to?
I don’t think that’s a reason to continue a pointless conflict. I think it’s more of an excuse to give Hezbollah a reason to still exist by claiming the Israel is still occupying Lebanese soil.  I’m not sure exactly when Hezbollah became Lebanon’s army, but the UN certainly doesn’t recognize it as such.
It matters little. If Hezbollah has a ‘right’ in your eyes to violate Israeli territory and attack Israeli soldiers, Israel definitely has a right to react and defend itself. This is incontestable.

“Disaster was because the terrorist of Israel, instead of attacking Hizbouallah, Israel attacked the civilians people and destroyed buildings.”

Hezbollah is a guerrilla group that fights among a civilian population. If civilians and their buildings were hit, it’s a symptom of that type of warfare, not because Israel did so on purpose.

“If a member of a Palestinians family killed a Jew, that doesn’t give the right to Israel to destroy the house of his parents, who don’t have relation with what he did.”

It’s draconian, but necessary as a deterrent. It stops people from becoming ‘martyrs’ by making them no that their families will be affected as well if they kill, not just themselves. If this stops other people from doing this, then so be it.

“This is only a common punishment for all the family, which is not legal and racist.”

You overuse that word ‘racist’. It has nothing to do with it. Israeli citizens that kill their own people for nationalistic reasons, will have their house demolished.

“Isreal must leave the Palestinians live, and don’t kill them, and open the door, if all that happen, it will be no rockets.”

It sounds nice and simple, but it isn’t that way. If Israel gave Hamas everything they wanted, it wouldn’t change the problem. Hamas’ goal is to destroy Israel, not to just have the blocade lifted. I don’t believe that Israeli concessions stop rocket fire, that just encourages it. Rocket fire didn’t decrease when Israel left Gaza, it increased 10 fold.

“Hamas can’t control all Gaza, because it’s not a big group, and in Gaza there are many other resistance groups with Hamas, and Hamas is not responsible for them.”

It’s an excuse. Hamas is in charge of Gaza, and it is up to them to control the rocket fire. They’re responsible whether they like it or not. There can’t be a double standard for responsibility. Otherwise there is the situation where Hamas selectively chooses when it wishes to reign in the rocket fire, according to their strategy.

“UK didn’t attack the Ireland, and throw 1 million Kg over a small piece of land, and destroyed 10% of the building of this place, UK is very human comparing with Israel.”

Both are very different situations. The IRA did not have rockets or suicide bombers to use against civilians, though they did use bombings. Also the IRA didn’t control entire areas of territory to use as a launching base. Had this happened, the UK would have done exactly what Israel did, no doubt about it.

“And think that a intern problem, and we solved between our people, the problem is between the Israel and Arab and Muslims people.”

The Kurdish problem is far from solved.

10:44 PM Mar 25 2009 |



United Kingdom

“Actually, your leaders were not all well educated, some studied in Egypt, and in Arabs countries.”

The point of this question was to point out that many of the anti-colonialist leaders themselves studied in the West, such as Paris and London, so are themselves products of Western ideas.

“The terrorists groups started after 1992, and we fought against them, and we’re still fighting against them.”

Don’t blame France entirely for your development problems then.

“There were always a minority of Jews with with the Arabs in peace and under its protection.
And that doesn’t mean it was your land during this period mean last 2000 years.”

We’re not on the same wave length. I was referring to the Jews within Arab countries that were persecuted because of Arab enmity with Israel.

“Dearn you know that Arabs people are Semitism race, so how can the Arabs against them selves, the Arabs and Jews are both Semitic.”

Don’t say ‘dear’.  
This is more word games. Anti-Semitism is anti-Jewish. Anti-Semitism never describes anti-Arab actions or sentiments.
When I use the word anti-Semitism, I mean anti-Jewish. So just exchange the words if it makes you feel better.
I don’t believe for a second that Anti-Zionism is different from Anti-Semitism, as nomatter what, it’s Jews that are targeted.

“The Jews of Yemen are going to Israel not to USA.
The Jews of Yemen live their lands in Yemen, and I feel sad that they left their lands their, because Yemen is their land.”

Most of the Yemenite Jews went to Israel 60 years ago. The few hundred that are left are leaving for the USA, not Israel, because of the intervention by anti-Zionist Satmar Jews within America. This happened a few weeks ago.

“We’re against for what happen as attacks against them, and we want that the Jews stay in their lands in Arab courtiers, some bad people do some attacks that we don’ agree with them.”

The Arab countries have created a climate within their countries which has made it impossible for Jews to live there, so the attacks on Jews is just the effect of what they started.

“We didn’t throw them our, they left when they found Israel.”

That’s not true. The massive amount of Jews that left Iraq and Egypt had their property confiscated and their citizenship taken away. Libya under Gadafi even past specific anti-Jewish legislation to make sure they all left. There is now not one single Jew left in Libya.

“Tell me, how many Algerian Jews live in Israel, there are very few, because they proffered USA and Europe to live in after the independence of Algeria.”

Most Algerian Jews moved to France as they were given citizenship there, and their first language was generally French. I checked a list and found a writer I know, Andre Chouraqui who I didn’t know was an Algerian Jew. Hmmm.

“That didn’t happen, the Arabs Jews were like our people, and we didn’t take their property, but they left themselves.”

That did happen and it is well documented. I even attended a special lecture on it.
The Jews that left Arab countries outnumber the number of Palestinians that left Israel, yet received zero attention throughout the years.

“Look what USA soldiers did in Iraq prisons, didn’t you see the pictures of torture inside the prisons made by USA soldiers..”

That’s horrible. But that isn’t murder, it’s simply humiliation. I’m not sure what it has to do with the body count in Iraq.
According to Iraqbody count, it is less than 100.000, nowhere near even 1 million.

10:45 PM Mar 25 2009 |



Living is the Dating


08:34 AM Mar 28 2009 |




Living is the Dating

08:35 AM Mar 28 2009 |