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Brokeback Mountain




First I declare I am not a lesbian. But I should admitted when I watched the movie-Brokeback Mountain I was deeply touched. I shed so many tears.

Some chinese directors also have shot movies about gays and lesbians, but I really have no interested in them In my opinion, hehehe they are just blue films. But Brokeback Mountain is so different. Now I even believe people of same gender ,truely, can fall deeply in love with each other.

 What do you think of the difference between TRUE/PURE friendship and love(both SAME gender and OPPOSITE gender)? I mean if physical issue hasn't happened…..Do you believe love without physical contact? How to tell stimulation from love?




05:32 PM Jan 30 2009 |

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United States

I liked parts of Brokeback Mountain, but overall it was not so interesting just because I tend to like action movies and things – but I think if I liked boys or was a woman the movie would have been more interesting :)

 The short story is very good. Actually, in the original story, you sort of are angry with the two men, because neither of them took responsibility for their lives. They didn't make any kind of decision, so they let life decided for them.

01:21 PM Feb 03 2009 |




There is only one thing annoyed me very much, that is the ACCENT. I can figure out nothing about what they are saying! Texas cowboy? terrible…

02:48 PM Feb 04 2009 |



United Kingdom

It's a very good movie, but I don't think it was totally convincing. I think it would have been better to have had guys who really were gay to play it. As to the other question, of course, you can be in love with anyone male or female regardless of your own sex. I don't believe that anyone should be denied the possibility of a fulfilling and loving relationship. One of the reasons I really despise religion is that it is so often obsessed with stupid ideas about sex . Where are the great religions that say consensual sex between adults – regardless of whether you are married, single, male, female whatever. Sex is a natural part of life, without you would not be on this planet, but not only that, without it, you will be a lot sadder a person. If we worried less about who is having sex with whom, then I think the world would be a better place. All the stupidity of religious views on marriage and sex have done nothing but destroy a beautiful act, and in many cases, removed the prospect of deep and meaningful relationships for homosexual (and often hetero and bi) people, as well as Transvestite and Transgenered people. 

I have no problem believing I could fall in love with a man in just as meaningful a way as I have with women.


11:32 PM Feb 04 2009 |



I like the vision of asiatic directors, because they makes us put attention in little details, images, a look in the eye of the actors, I mean, some persons can find boring or too slow their movies, but whatever the genre they took, they can make a really great movie. I don´t like dramas by the way, but I enjoyed this one.

I got angry with the main characters because they hurt their wifes, I mean, I´m against infidelity whatever the preference you have.

Maybe I don´t understand some kind of love between persons, but I´m tolerant with others while they respect me. I can support a gay couple, an heterosexual couple. It doesn´t matter to me. It´s their own business. If it is really love (not lust), it´s pure.

04:27 PM Feb 05 2009 |