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Coming to The United States. Experiences of life.......


United States

Hello,My name is yenifer I have been in USA for a year and 4 months. I am from colombia and right now I  am 22 years old which means I spent 21 years In  my adorable country Colombia. Living here in USA has been a double experience, experience of sadness and hapiness. Sadness=My Family does not live here            People do not have time to share with others, i do not even have time.Our jobs consume most of ourselves.            Time is money            Customer service the hardest thingHappiness= I have achieved things I couldn't over my country                I found the love of my life(My boyfriend Dany)                Seasons are beautiful here in VA                Nature is just spectacular.well, just a little bit of my experience. and the last thing I want to learn more english.Thanks                  

03:58 PM Mar 29 2007 |