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Life Talk!

Why do they accept the Islam ?


Saudi Arabia

Alsalam Alikum

Hiii members how r u .. I miss u … sorry for apsent but I had exams and I finished them  :)

I want to talk about serious subject

many members in Englishbabay sent to me and askd about Islam

so that as I promised them I prepared this with collections


Mashallah. A young boy recites Quran




Priest converts to Islam



European Scientist converts to Islam



Christian professor Converted to ISLAM



Can Muslim Women Doctors Care For Men?


12:12 PM Feb 08 2009 |

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Because capy right, can not open your show. 

12:31 PM Feb 08 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

good job sis   :)

barak allah feek :)



12:46 PM Feb 08 2009 |


Saudi Arabia


sorry I didn't understand what u mean ?



welcome my dear :)

you too

12:55 PM Feb 08 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

peopleislam2.jpgPeople to Women: Convert to Islam, Like Angela Collinspeopleislamangelacollinsbefore.jpgpeopleislamangelacollinsbefore2.jpgIslam Convert Angela Collins Before

Take Angela Collins, 30. The sexy blonde with blue eyes converted to Islam because she felt she missed something growing up as a latchkey kid, and the religion

filled a void that existed since her parents divorced when she was 5. "As I'm reading [the Koran], I almost feel as if I am being parented."

Well, she may have felt parented, but she also felt violence:

In 2003 she married a Kuwait-born Muslim, but their marriage was rocky. They are currently going through a divorce, and she had to obtain a restraining order.

Restraining orders are not exactly a very attractive feature for joining a religion.

peopleislamnicoleaeschleman.jpgpeopleislamnicoelaeschlemanbefore.jpgIslamic Convert Nicole Aeschleman

Then, there is Nicole Aeschleman, a 25-year-old lawyer. She

converted to Islam in 2004 after emerging from a six-month partying spree-getting drunk and dating men who weren't interested in relationships [DS: or getting green cards].

To the rescue: Nabil Michraf, a Morroccan studying in France. Guess where he lives now? Well, he married Aeschleman. He's here.

She had to compose a marriage contract enabling her to get a divorce if her husband doesn't let her work or takes additional wives. In most other religions-for obvious reasons-you don't need this kind of "pre-nup." Most other religions don't permit multiple wives and only allow the husband to grant a divorce, a la Islam.

Then, there's Timna Valore-Schulze, 24, who wanted to become a nun, but converted to Islam in 2001, after she determined that

"it was the most feminist religion I had ever seen" because of its support for women's rights.

HUH?! Earth to blind, deaf, and dumb chick . . . .

After she converted to Islam,

her mother jotted down her friends' phone numbers from her cell phone after the 9/11 attacks and reported them to the FBI as potential terrorists.

This is People Magazine at work, doing the work of Adam Gadahn for him. People's post-9/11 prescription (and Gadahn's)-If you can't beat 'em, join 'em—will be the death of us.

01:08 PM Feb 08 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

Priest converts to Islam


01:49 PM Feb 08 2009 |




"Why do they accept the islam?"

In my opinion they are adult people, who are not satisfied with their present life. I assume they have problems with their personality like acceptation, appreciation and inferiority feeling in their environment.
On the other hand everybody is welcome to islam.  Everyone who changes to islam enforces the belief of the muslims. Such examples are the best way the islamic people continue to hold on that belief. The more such examples the more stabilization of religion.
I think if a person changes his or her religion this person is easily psychologically sick. But for muslim people just count they are one more than before and it's also said that if a muslim convinces someone who has another or no religion comes to the paradise.
What a wonderful presents for them!

07:47 PM Feb 08 2009 |




I think if a person changes his or her religion this person is easily psychologically sick

If someone born in India for example and his parents were worship to a cow or a mouse and he didn't change his religion this person is easily psychologically sick! I don't think that the great scientist Keith Moor and other scientists who converted to Islam are sick! If I were believe in something doesn't make me convinced and I knew it is worng and I didn't change my believe I would consider myself psychologically sick!

11:43 PM Feb 08 2009 |



United Kingdom

"If someone born in India for example and his parents were worship to a cow or a mouse and he didn't change his religion this person is easily psychologically sick"

Or maybe he's entitled to his beliefs as much as you are to yours, wthout being labelled sick?

Such arrogance in belief that you feel that everyone that doesn't believe what you do is inferior.

01:32 AM Feb 09 2009 |



United States

Cows give life to people through their work in the fields and the milk and meat they can produce.  It is natural that people will honor that which provides for them. I think that describing Indian religion as merely worshiping cows is as big a misstatement as saying that Muslims worship a big black rock. 


Just-girl, are you aware that that article you posted shows those converts to Islam as being unhappy and having made a mistake?


Anyway, I think that people find their spiritual home in different places for a lot of reasons.  The level of conversion tends to depend more on how economically developed and how open a society is then on the truth of any one religion.  If Saudis were allowed the same freedom of religion as the US or EU, then I think you might see a convert or two from there to a variety of religions. 


I personally am aware of quite a few Christian missions to the Arab world that have to be extremely secretive for fear of violence and nevertheless have a lot of success.  A lady I used to work with led Bible studies with Bedouins in Israel.  I don't think this really proves anything. 


I support full religious freedoms in every place, more or less as defined by the UN and Enlightenment values.

01:53 AM Feb 09 2009 |