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Life Talk!

Why do they accept the Islam ?


Saudi Arabia

Alsalam Alikum

Hiii members how r u .. I miss u … sorry for apsent but I had exams and I finished them  :)

I want to talk about serious subject

many members in Englishbabay sent to me and askd about Islam

so that as I promised them I prepared this with collections


Mashallah. A young boy recites Quran




Priest converts to Islam



European Scientist converts to Islam



Christian professor Converted to ISLAM



Can Muslim Women Doctors Care For Men?


12:12 PM Feb 08 2009 |

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United Kingdom

It's only in your head that they're really anything.

A few hundred close-minded ultra-orthodox jews that mostly speak yiddish. They're a fine example of going against what their own religion stands for: love your fellow.  

Judaism and Jewry have moved on to embrace the fact that Jews have returned to their homeland. The Neturei Karta still ive in the dark and are oppposed by the vast majority of Jews. They're nothing more than an odd minority that people like you try to point out and say 'these people are the REAL jews'.  It's stupid.

02:37 PM Feb 20 2009 |




Neturei Karta : Jews which rejects Zionism and the establishment of the State of Israel.

They also claim that the mass media deliberately downplays their viewpoint and makes them out to be just a few, while there are a large number of Jews with the same beliefs.

where is the democracy of claimed israel? headache only with democracy, only state of democracy in the region!

08:51 AM Feb 21 2009 |



United Kingdom

The Neturei Karta also strongly oppose the Holocaust denial that plagues Iran and mch of the Arab world. Does that mean that you'll believe them on that subject at least?


The Neturei Karta are an oddity, rather than any real tendancy within Judaism, a few hundred within a total of 14 million.

Most Orthodox Jews support Israel as well.

As I may have said before, I've actually seen the the Neturei Karta. They were at a protest that I went to last year in New York.


Israel is a democracy. Arabs within Israel have the right to vote and there are currently at least 3 Arab parties that have complete representation in the Knesset. Some of these, even reject any recognition of Israel.   

A democracy reserves the right to defend itself and the citizens that voted the government in, hence the offensive in Gaza.

01:31 AM Feb 22 2009 |