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why people always don't treasure what he have




A man with a sound constitution may never think how felicitous he is,but when he is in poor health he will feel how miserable he is.I'm a college student,My friends around me always complain that they are the wretched suffers.I can't understand why they think so.We live our life in blessed clamness,we needn't worry about the food ,water,clothing and so on.Why we are not content with what they have?When we are down in spirit,maybe we should think about that what a miserable life the African children live.In fact,we really have enough things that really precious!

08:39 AM Mar 31 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

ofcourse we are back or let me say face stabers.. we always get some thing and ask for more without thanking haha i love that ,

12:41 PM Mar 31 2007 |