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why men can't be...?




this is a saying i heard.it sounds like a joke.

a:why men can't be intelligent and handsom at the same time?!!


do you know why ?try to guess,then i'll tell you the saying's answer.

01:23 PM Feb 13 2009 |

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Dear Lili,

Men & women cancan grow differently,while living together,

I agree to it, rather I support it, it's my own experience.But it depends upon their basic standing, if they start growing from very lower base ,it becomes a big problem.& the 2nd point is the gap of growth that happens & the 3rd point is, height of growth of the grown up person.

1. If a couple starts growing from some height , they support & give space to each other but if they start growing from very elementery state they possess each other too much & it creates a hell.

2. if the gap between a coule increases too much it also creates a hell rather it become a real hell. but if one grows very high state then problems get solved too. Gron up person can understand that growth is not in man's hands , it is a God gift, so nothing to worry & he stops expecting growth of the partner & accepts other as he/she is.

The best example of is of Socratese, who silence could not got broken by his wife who poured boiling water upon him.

05:01 PM Feb 22 2009 |




dev! socratese must have lost his senses to stay silent when his wife did that!lol.i think that when we understand ourselves more,we'll not be able to bear the unbearable.we'll look for another nicer way.we can love our partener as he/she is without expecting a change when we are enjoying the relation as a whole and accepting our partener as he/she is.but, when we tried to make things better without success.when our life in togetherness is real hell,it's better to both of us to find a solution far from eachother.we can't lie to ourselves,it becomes real frustration.even,it's not in our hands to growor not,but it's a choice to be open to receive a change or not. 

07:44 PM Feb 27 2009 |



Dear Lili,

You are right,But every thing depends upon the choice of the person.

It's madness to grow in one dimenssion & keep sticky there but man can accept even burns in abid to be famous or known, can accept death in the name of becoming a matayer of the nation or religion.

A sensitive man shall surely have limits of toleration.& should have capacity to react according to the situation.


03:03 AM Mar 01 2009 |




hi dev,

you are right.tolerating others doesn't mean accept suffering by their side.it's just not condemning them.

"it depends upon the choice of a person".this is completly true.and it depends upon reasons,too.i think that when the aim is great,the choice is great,too.but when the aim is ugly,the choice is ugly,too.it's ugly to accept things just to be famous or to be  shown as a victim or even to communicate  a nice image to others .i think socrates showed his wife as  a horrible person by being passive.if she could say her opinion,i'm sure she suffered from him much more or at least she wasn't happy. 

01:31 PM Mar 02 2009 |



Hi Lilimira,

I respect your opinion, reason is more important than action.All depends upon our attitude & fairness, if we are fair every action becomes fair.

We should watch ourself impartially to diagnose the sickness or quality of our attitude.

01:41 PM Mar 02 2009 |



Who says men can't be intelligent and handsome at the same time. Just look at me I am intelligent as well handsome. Laughing haha  joke is joke 

06:26 PM Mar 05 2009 |