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Life Talk!

How do you see yourself ?




Do you see yourself woth your own eyes ?

It is self judgement or we can call it self confidence.

But most of us give right to others to judge you & see through the eyes of others.It create suffering for us but we accept to suffer rather than 'seeing our self with our own eyes.

How can we do it ? do you know !!!!!!!!!

12:59 AM Feb 20 2009 |

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Geez dude i think philosophy it is not my way of life Laughing. But i will try to answer to you question. Sorry for my language but i don't give a fuck about what other are saying about me, beceause only god can judge me. And i think thatz it is all to say in this topic – it is my way, my way on a highway Smile

01:07 AM Feb 20 2009 |



I dnt really let ppl judge me,m super cnfidnt,very gud lookng ,i m screwd in my studies,n i judge ppl if they wnt me to,u cn call me over cnfidnt bt thts the way i m.by the way shin a li’l more sencorshp mudnt have heart ne 1

05:40 AM Feb 20 2009 |




Hi Devinder,

In my judgement it depends on the circumstances when I see myself with my eyes. Then I describe myself with my ability and knowledge in any situation how I deal with it. I sometimes do favour for someone just because I am requested to do it without seeing any benefit for myself. Self-confidence is to understand the activity how I act. I do not want to do things so others see me how good I am. I do something because I think that it is worthy to do it not because others see it as worthy.  Of course I am a human and I live in a relationship with my environment.  There are values and standards in that environment which define social behaviour so that the humans integrate in that social life. If I have no self-confidence I can get lost easily. I must have also self-judgement because I can also make mistake. Social interaction among people demanded both of them. But we have different characters and different expectations at our relationship to our environment. According to this I act.

01:48 PM Feb 21 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

I am nothing without you, my Lord!

I am nothing without the love of my parents, my brothers and sisters; the care of my teachers and my friends.

All in all, I need you all to know myself.

05:46 PM Feb 21 2009 |




"I am nothing without you, my Lord!"

What a nonsense!

05:59 PM Feb 21 2009 |




weareable to see ourselvesclearly only in one case.it's when we diminish the power of our ego.

06:38 PM Feb 21 2009 |




Hi Lilimira,

What's the power of our ego? I'd be glad to have your explanation. 

06:45 PM Feb 21 2009 |




I'm still trying to learn me… understand my reactions… trust myself, judge myself…

Character is a big ocean.. I really sometimes can't guess what i will do..

sometimes i dont believe that i did them or not..

Then ask > why did i do? or didnT do?



even i dont know me enough!

I need working on myself :))

07:49 PM Feb 21 2009 |