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The pace of media revolutions




There were only three types of medias across history:


1 – Media where discussion was driven by a project. They are basically the organizations, such as schools, churches, armies, political institutions …


2 – Media where discussion was driven by a small group of people. They are the hierarchical medias which have appeared since the print revolution: printed books, newspapers, cinema, radio, televisions, …


3 – Media where discussion was driven by the community of users : the internet, social medias, web-based social apps…


The first category has always been there. The second grew a couple of centuries ago. The third exists for decades at best. If the development of radicaly new media types was continuing at this pace, wouldn’t we be close to a new media revolution?

03:16 PM Mar 06 2009 |

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u r right, perhaps


03:25 PM Mar 06 2009 |