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Life Talk!

Jobs !!!



United States

Are you the victim of the ongoing global crisis?


If so, please share your story and let me know how you are planning to cope with this. Are you back into something that you have been thinking of doing for long or are you planning to start something new   ?


I'm  eagerly waiting for your comments….....

05:33 PM Mar 16 2009 |

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United Kingdom

Y, I have a plan to start something new to visit Florida for my official meeting n planning for new programm next month.

what about you friend?

have a nice day

12:01 PM Mar 17 2009 |




i want to visit lots of hot country..and america..

its my dream..maybe it will come true :)


mm ! ;))

11:31 AM Mar 18 2009 |



United States

I had a plan to start a new business but all crashed !!!!


May be I have to wait for few months (years?) for the right time to come. I thought I'll get tons of replies but …...

It shows that most of you are not affected, anyway its good that you all are doing okay. 

And me ? Just waiting!

02:01 PM Mar 18 2009 |