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Life Talk!

You want to have a what kind of wife (husband)?




I hope My husband

nice,humor, confidence, tolerance,

there is a sense of responsibility .


I hope that I am his only:)

and you??:)

03:30 AM Mar 19 2009 |

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my husband have to be  understandable ,kind hearted, simple


12:16 PM Mar 26 2009 |


Viet Nam

it isn,t easy to finding a good husband or good wife. To me, the appearance is easy looking, its enough. We shoud find the person who has same character with us. But i have a question to you, that is, do you belive true love nowaday?Money mouth

02:55 PM Mar 26 2009 |


Syrian Arab Republic

very honest and intellectual, open-minded, spiritual and loving…

do u think i can find such a man in real life? :)

11:29 AM Mar 30 2009 |