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Career or Family?



When asked about their opinion of career and family, people always respond differently. Some people deem it more important to pursue their career, while there are always other people who argue that family should be the number one in one's life.

  It goes without any question that career plays a key role in our life. In the very first place, career can give us an aim to live on. Without career, much of our living time will be certainly wasted. What's more, career can provide us with a means to live on. Most of the people earn their income from a job. On the other hand, family is also an indispensable part of life, as many people will admit. Family is always regarded as a place where we can escape from troubles in life. In addition, we can obtain a sense of belonging to from family. Without it, anyone will feel lonely and desperate.

  In my opinion, career and family are not in opposition to each other. Rather, they can enhance each other so that one's life can become better and better. Therefore, it's not a choice between right and wrong, but one between ideal and practical.

09:48 AM Mar 24 2009 |

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If it's possibe, weekdays for career while weekends for family. I think it is a perfect state. however, if i have to abandon one for the other, family is my first choice.

11:46 AM Mar 24 2009 |




hmmm, i will try to combine))  Of course family is important, but if u doing your carrier in order  to provide your children with everything best- in that case carrier is more important))

01:53 PM Mar 24 2009 |




Really it's very difficult to combine specially when u work far from your family.


 we have to choose; andtwo cases choice is difficult. In the biginning, i think that we must choose career.


02:15 PM Mar 24 2009 |




In my opinion career should be first …coz if uwill finish ur study .. u will find work and u will earn money..then u could have a child and take care about it very good coz u have some money .. coz u work ..


if u want to have child first .. u have to have lots of money..coz each of us want to take care about our children very good..and we want to give him/her all we have..

08:45 PM Mar 24 2009 |




If you can t make a balance you have to choose family..it worth it.

09:11 PM Mar 24 2009 |




First thing first is Family, u can't make a good career if you don't have a strong familySmile

07:26 AM Mar 25 2009 |