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what is MIS?



United Kingdom

A management information system provides useful,complete,and timely information to management on three levels: low-level (operational), middle (tactical),and upper (strategic). Lower management deals with decisions that affect a relativly narrow time frame and that involve details,these are called structured decisions. Middle managementdeals with decision that cover a broader range of time and involve more experience.Middle managers use summary reports, exception reports,periodic reports,on-demand reports,and event-initiated reports to make semistructured decisions. Upper (top) management deals with decisions that are broad in scope and cover a wide time frame. Strategic, unstructured decisions  are made at this level. 

01:13 PM Apr 06 2009 |

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ha, good information.

01:24 PM Apr 06 2009 |



It is MISPLACED information!

01:44 PM Apr 06 2009 |