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I need help---a sex relating problem



my boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly a month , everything is going on so well….....except for one thing, it's only 2 weeks ago that we got to the third base :having sex, he has no idea about my clitoris and is quite clumsy working on that….well, i don't say much about it, many men don't know about that area which they thought they knew, sorry to say that, but it's true.

what really frustrates me is that my boyfriend couldn't get 100% hard…...he enjoys kissing and touching me…....but it seems that he has problem getting in…..what quite astonished me is that he kept on saying we need some lube next time!—-which makes me feel that it's my problem!! i feel humiliated! I don't need any lube, it's just he couldn't get hard!my boyfriend said he loves me , but i have a feeling that he is not  really into my body ,  once when we are in the middle of that "thing"...he even said he was too tired and suggested why not we just watch a movie instead, it was a big turn off! but still, i didn't tell him what i think, or should I? he was quite frustrated by work these days and drank a lot of alcohol. maybe he is tired, or not really?

He is a really nice guy and treats me well, i don't want to dump him, but the sex….....what can i do about it??

10:54 AM Apr 08 2009 |

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You really need to talk about it with  him.

Tell him what exact places you like to be touched,how you like to have sex.

We always need to talk about it because we never know what´s in the other person´s minds.

Do you talk a lot with him?

Maybe you are strangers,even dating.

We need to have complicity in relationships.

For example: I had a very selfish boyfriend and he was really bad during sex. He didn´t care about my pleasure.

I realized that I would be alone,it´s better than to be frustated all the time.

Now I have a boyfriend that is completely different: we talk a lot about what we like in bed. He asks me things and I ask him things too, so both are happy.

In the beggining sex wasn´t SO good, but since we started talking about it and making what the other like, it became WONDERFUL.

So dear,talk to him

And if he don´t like to have this conversation, so, HE is the WHOLE problem,not you!


Good luck =)



04:41 PM Apr 08 2009 |



And yes, most of the guys have no idea where our clit is situated!!!


04:44 PM Apr 08 2009 |




And yes, most of the guys have no idea where our clit is situated!!!
Clit…Hmm…Sounds familiar..

05:10 PM Apr 08 2009 |




Yes, I agree, talk to him. If he doesn't want to talk then he is the problem. Also, sometimes when guys drink too much alcohol they can't get hard.

05:36 PM Apr 08 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i suggest your partner use some tonic like "viagra" so if your proble solved it means that this is his problem and he need to cure himself and otherwise this is your problem and you need help.

10:53 AM Apr 09 2009 |



Yes,the guy above said an interesting thing: besides viagra,if you order on the web, they sell some ,or some oil that keeps man´s erection.

Thaere´s a lot of online sex shops.


03:41 PM Apr 09 2009 |




While I cant exactly give advice and consolation, I’d tell you NEVER use those stupid oils and creams on the web. I’ve seen so many cases with men getting warts, developing erectile dysfunction and sometimes losing potency due to them. Also if a guy in such a young age will use viagra it’ll be too bad. You should know how viagra works. Its more of a mental consolation than a proper thing that has effect.

06:54 PM Apr 10 2009 |




HahaHa =) You better ask Oprah =)) Or we have Guzin Abla in Turkey =))

Im wonderin do you really think is it suitable place to post this? = ) Okay this is life talk but not that life =)))

07:33 PM Apr 10 2009 |

ambitious rody


really i'm so ashamed ,how can you post something like that

it's an  exaggeration ,so sensitive subject

please stop that

oh my god,i'm so surprised and shocked

08:15 PM Apr 10 2009 |





the most amazing thing in all that story is that you all take this crap too seriosly. This lusybaby just cuts articles from some girl's magazines and post them here. Look through her threads and you'll see that all she writes is kinda "I'm almoust 13 and my clit won't grow" or what should I do if my tits aren't that big as ones of my friends…" Besides, her English is too good as for a Chinese

10:22 AM Apr 13 2009 |