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I need help to do my blog




there is anybody here that can help well im try to put a video from youtube in my blog but i cant do that if u can help me i really appreciate that

10:41 PM Apr 08 2009 |

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eu consegui ver isso!^ é facil, tipo, to abres o youtube, e copias o link. ao abrires o blog, pra fazeres o que vais fazer, ao abrires, tens que esperar que a barra onde poes as imagens, por a negrito, etc etc. certo? 

tipo, clicas create blog, e tiras rapidamente a internet, antes que essa barra apare-sa… escreves e colocas tudo!

ligas a internet e mal esteja a dar clicas save, e o teu video está lá!:)

tenta !:)^

11:00 PM Apr 08 2009 |



Viet Nam

Hi andreia23!

I dont' know which kind of blog you have. For my windows live space, I often do like this: go to youtube, look for 'embed' (on the right of the video, right under 'URL'), copy the embed code, go back to my blog, look for the place where it says that embed code is to be pasted, paste the code, click OK, and there it is. :)

Hope this helps. ^^

05:29 AM Apr 09 2009 |




thanks guys..

well huyen I try to do that but it doesnt work, I want to put a video here on my ebaby blog so that way doesnt work here but thanks anyway

01:41 PM Apr 09 2009 |



United States

am always here for you anytime you need me just drop me a line and i will be at your service

06:07 AM Jul 08 2009 |