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Help ! Who Can Translate This Song ?




I know Warcraft Ⅲ, Starcraft, CS and FIFA are the most popular games in the world . But I think Red Alert (which made by EA ) is not bad either ,cause when I was young ,my friends and I often got together to compete who can produce more tanks ,it's kinda silly but funny . And Red Alert Ⅲ was published several months ago , to experience childhood life, I played it .To my surprised , the OST of this game is interesting, especially one of songs named Ra3 Theme – Soviet March is very impressive and I set it as alert clock,but it seems to be sang in Russian, I don't know Russian. Is there anyone who played Red Alert 3 and know Russian can translate the lyric of this song ,Thanks a lot ! :D


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03:55 PM Apr 11 2009 |