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Life Talk!

talk about ten things u want in ur life

Fly fish

Fly fish


sometimes i think i need a lot of things during mylife.  i want families, friends, love, money, laptop computer,digital camera, a car, a study room, a apartment.     heeheh ten things i want.

so what do u want in ur life?(just say it out in ur frist mind. also u can change it after few days later and come here write it down. then u will find ur life change.) we are all here to enjoy our life.



08:31 AM Apr 12 2009 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

well, for me there's only one thing i wish for in my life! that is that i could do a Masters in UK! thats my only wish in life :) quite simple but expensive too! :(

other things i already have but i pray they wud stay with me like my family, friends..etc

Hope all ur wishes come true

10:47 AM Apr 13 2009 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


thank u beautifulmind. My best wishes to u hope u can be a Master in UK. Good luck!

08:52 AM Apr 15 2009 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


thank u Pievinis. why u want two kittens?


08:58 AM Apr 15 2009 |



a- sixty thousand rmb;

b-good health;

c-roger as my bf;

d-my parents allow me to raise a dog(double lucky);

e-past the driver license with easy;

f-a new department;

g-to be a excellent english tourist guide;

h-colleague gary to be a dummy as he always that much bull shit, i don't like this guy;

i-sold my piano;

j-without discrimination on the world!!! that's it~! i know some of items will be getting true, is just about the time!!

12:38 PM Apr 16 2009 |



Ten thing that I want in my life are

1st. success in field of my study and profession.

2nd. love and affection because humane being can't live without it.

3rd. good health,

4th. good friends from all over the world.

5th. True teacher that guide me in this wilderness of the world.

6th. I want to learn the art of being a good writer.

7th . Beauty of nature. Refreshing air, healthy climate etc.

8th. wisdome, knowledge and power  which I get through reading, analysing, accepting and creating new ideas or values to live a better life.

9th. A true life partner who is loving , caring, understanding and ready to explore with me the infinite knowledge  prevail in this world.

10th. A happy Ending of my life….!

05:19 PM Apr 17 2009 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


 Hi Pievinis. i am also like animals very much. i have  a lovely cat. we are been togerther about 7years.   just like my yonger sister. last year i receive a gift from my dad.its a cute dog.  i like play with them. they are my best friends.

04:55 AM Apr 18 2009 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


i have  another idea about this topic.  ten things i want  will change again. this is what we always   do during our life, isn't it?

03:47 PM Apr 30 2009 |




1) 7 really good friends

2)to be rich

3)be the best in all spheres I like

4)have a nice apartment

5)have an interesting and well-paid job

6)to know English, Russian, Spanish and French language

7)travel around the world

8)have a Samojed

9)have a nice boyfriend

10)happiness for all people, who surround me

04:06 PM Apr 30 2009 |





win YGS and LYS

be a doctor

start to earn my own money

get married

have a child(or children)

grow them  thoroughly

and of course we ll die oneday..this must not be forgotten.i believe in the next worLdCool

11:35 PM Apr 30 2009 |




ten somehow seems like a lot, let me see ifI can gat to ten

1.- Health, for my family and for me

2.- Love, again for my family and for me

3.- Be able to graduate next year

4.- Have the best of times while I'm in New York

5.- When I go back to Chile, get a good job in a good school with good children, I guess this one counts for 3 lol

6.- Be able to help my little niece by giving her the best education we have acces to

7.- When I'm a teacher, be the best teacher ever, that teacher children remember even when they are 35

and that's about it  :)

03:23 AM May 01 2009 |