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how/where do you learn english?




so, how do you learn english? have you got any tricks to remeber words or grammar?

where do you learn? only in school or maybe you go to special courses? or sth different?

how long do you learn english?

08:49 PM Apr 21 2009 |

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I learn english at university,from movies ,songs etc

08:54 PM Apr 21 2009 |




well,I learn English at university too.

in my university, there is a room's that called "englosh lounge" where native-english teachers stay and we can eat lunch there. everyday i visit there to use english because its FREE! XD


09:19 PM Apr 21 2009 |



ok, i learn english at school. no special course. but i like watching english movies and some soap operas like Prison Break and Heros, something like that. and i do think it is helpful. oh, singing english songs is also a good way to improve.Tongue out

05:21 PM Apr 22 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I learn English mostly through internet, I download my favorite books, music as well as surfing Learning English sites like this.

But I also have a method to learn new vocabulary, I use an computer programs called SuperMemo (and by coincidence its 's a polish software), I found it a few months ago and I feel it's really uselful and enjoyable, learning new vocabulary isn't boring anymore for me but it's rather like playing a mental game.

05:56 PM Apr 22 2009 |




:D I know SuperMemo, about half year I began to use but I have no so much determination to do that, often I forgot to do revision… and at last I stopped to use :s now, I don't learn english; for example I take list of words and I learn. no.  I learn words by writting blog and forums, talk with friends etc. but I must learn words from my english textbook, because my teacher makes tests with words :S

07:52 PM Apr 22 2009 |



Pleasure to meet you!I'm from China! 

I learn English by many ways,for insistant,TV,internet,university,songs and so on.But I haven't find a better way to do it well!

07:55 AM Apr 23 2009 |