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Do You Want Living Without Marriage?



Today's young people do not want to marry.Fifty percent of children born of mothers and fathers not married.Why Young People do not want to marry?And Why do they live without civil marriage?

11:05 AM Apr 23 2009 |

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I THINK, EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN YOUNG PEOPLE DONT WANT MARRY.THEY LIVE WITHOUT CIVIL MARRIAGE.   I'm 25 years old.I will marry within 2 years.I graduated a univercity.

11:53 AM Apr 23 2009 |



yes, I want live without marriage.I dont want to marry.I m living my girlfriend at my home.But I m not happy!!!!I have no peace!!!!

I don't want a child.My mum want a grandchildCry

wat can I do?I m not happy!I do not get pleasure from my life  Cry

02:14 PM Apr 23 2009 |



I ‘m confused, my unstable

08:06 AM Apr 25 2009 |



I sad for u.
and through the sight of its temporary and fading pleasures it has given them glimpses of eternal pleasures of Paradise and suggested them to wish and work for the same.
every night it raises new hopes of peace and prosperity in you and every morning it places new anxieties and new worries before you.

08:25 AM Apr 25 2009 |

annie baby


no,of course not

i  still look forward to marry with my lover

12:37 PM Apr 29 2009 |



Russian Federation

for example in Russia it’s like this.. many couples just don’t have enough money to celebrate their wedding.. so even they have a place for living together, they still can lead civil marriage life..
cause in Russia almost everyone associate word “wedding” with a big celebration.. and for all this—>> wedding outfits, cars, restaurant, flowers, food – you need much money.. and not every couple has necessary sum..
some young ppl ask their parents for money, this case both sides pay for wedding..
another ones earn enough, so they can allow themselves big wedding-party..
but in general – ring on finger and a new last name doesn’t change everything completely.. it’s all abt feelings.. and it doesn’t matter are u married or u live in civil marriage.. if you love each other and you wanna be with each other, nothing will “break” you..

01:44 PM Apr 29 2009 |



if you dont want to have a child marriage is unnecessary.to be honest marriage kills  love and passion.

02:17 PM Apr 29 2009 |