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Life Talk!

Is woman a slave!!!!!



Yes it is,

but not only woman,

man too is a slave .

So how can they be happy ? 

02:40 AM Apr 28 2009 |

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Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

Slave who works in another house not in his oe her house.
I think they are not aslave because they help each other.If you want to feel happy you should help each other.

06:52 AM Apr 28 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

slave for what ?

in general we are slave to ourselves ..

08:09 AM Apr 28 2009 |



if you feel happy , you are not slave!

11:19 AM Apr 28 2009 |




you are slave by yourself and this your thought. We was born free and we'll die free. If it is not like this, it's because we've made mistakes in our life.



12:23 PM Apr 28 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

manu, your answer is true , i agree

12:57 PM Apr 28 2009 |



Dear Yuna Braska,

No Yuna,it has not ended but has been accepted as a ntural phenomenon that's why we can't smell it. our nose has become habitual of it.

& it is not only that woman is a slave man too has became a slave.Both are slaves of each other.

& don't feel that both are in same boat hence it make no diference.

Just suppose that if a man & woman jumps from the top of the building,what would you feel ?Do they feel the same as before jumping ? no before jumping they were alive but after jump the bodies of both are still near near to each other but without aliveness.

In anotherway to say,

A rope has been put in the neck of a cow & it's other end is in the hand of man. & try to find who is slave of whom,normally we shall say that cow is a slave of man but if the rope is cut inbetween , who shall move after the other, it's man that shall move after the cow to hold her again.

the same is the case in between the humans,

Humanity has lost the grace & sensitiveness of relationship & both genders have  dropped trust in each other take shelter marriage, rule & regulations to move in the life.

why marriage is considerd so essential ?

& because of marriage both lose their individuality & liberty & hence become slaves of each other.

06:19 PM Apr 28 2009 |



Dear Hakimi,

You are absolutey right,man has exploitted woman too much not just at mental level but at physical level too & used the woman according to his suitability.

& it's pity that woman accepts it as a jewel.She don't make any hue & cry to get rid of her slavery, rathershe celebrates it.She want to marry to feel secure.She looks towads man for her security, but why ?

She too has the power & can live without depending upon man.

But man is a clever & He enjoy his wife at home keeping her as his personal but prostitute outside planely for his use.

Woman lives at the liberty provided by man & this a disguised slavery. the

Man has also lost it's grace.As he enslaves woman he also become slave.& hence both comes together not by holding their hands lin love but by scaring at each other, not by coopration but by competetion.

Both politics & religions are controlled by the male mind hence they choose the role of woman & use her according to their choice.

06:46 PM Apr 28 2009 |




you talk about physical slavery only,where as I am also considering psychlogical & mental slavery.

It does'nt go by declration,it exists practically,throughout the humanity.

03:10 AM Apr 29 2009 |




Both the man or woman will be slaves or not be slaves,Maybe we are all slave to life.There is some time we are yield to life when face to some troubles,at that time we will became slaves.

09:02 AM Apr 29 2009 |




maybe we come from different worlds devinder, I alweys read your posts because I find them interesting but I've noticed you are too pessimistic.


I can't think God gave we life in order to get we slave, if we are slave it's our fault. If I'm my wife's slave and she's my slave, it means I must feel free because I love her and this make me happy…

07:20 PM Apr 29 2009 |