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make friends who also wants to improve the english




hi,my name is terry ,a chinese boy .i want to make friends to improve the english each other .can you help me ?thank you in advince .

i 'm waiting for you .friends .come on ,contact me .my MSN is terry821008,hotmail

because the msn 's address will be hided by the net ,so i just use the comma instead of the @.so ,pardon me .

09:00 AM Apr 15 2007 |

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Viet Nam

i am vietnamese, I am on the way try my best to learn English, i hope some days i will go oversea to study. My favourite destination is europe, i am architect now so i think i will learn alot of things in europe. Someone in Eu  please give me some experienses when you study in europe. but i hope  i could make friend with all of you.

thanks all!

10:05 PM Jun 19 2008 |


United States

Hi Kitty,Money mouth

 How are you? How is your progress in learning English?

That is my concern for you!Cry Nothing heard, want to know how your learning of English is!Cool Please let us know!

10:56 AM Jun 21 2008 |



well come to the Ebaby  fariha  ı try to improve  my english as you

have a good time

09:55 AM Jun 22 2008 |


United States

Greetings to the newcomers from Turkey and Pakistan!

Please look at all the past postings and seek to learn from them!

Please remember languages and countries get to start with a capital letter!

So please be respectful to grammer and write-English-!

09:45 PM Jun 22 2008 |

Minni Mouse


Hi everybody,
I also try to improve my English. I have espacially problems with grammar and listening.
I´ve started to listen to the “Euro News” on TV sometimes and I hope it will help me to understand native speakers better.
I also found a website with grammar execises but I´m not sure it will help me.
Has someone an idea how I could improve my grammar?
Best Greetings
Minni Mouse

05:54 PM Oct 08 2008 |


United States

 Hi! I would like to help you, Milie, the office worker in China, who needs English for the work to be done.

Please let others know how English is important to you! I offer my humble servicw to you. Please e-mail me: at . Say as much as you can and I will correct your e-mail to the best of my ability. I am not a professional teacher, please understand that. I hope you can have what you need.

07:29 PM Oct 08 2008 |


United States

Minni Mouse reading good English literature and to copy parts that you like will help you with grammer. Also from the reference on items of interest.Copy these articles by hand and as you copy think of the grammer of each sentence.


 One book and movie I would like to reccomend, the book is better: White Oleander, by Janet Fitch, published by Little, Brown and Company. It is in Boston Mass., United States, London,England, and Victoria, Australia.



Please forgive me I can not make this writing better with Everything, I am in a hurry.

07:38 PM Oct 08 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic


im from  syria

my english is not very well and  iwant improve   it 


any one can help me ??   :(



09:01 PM Aug 07 2010 |