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make friends who also wants to improve the english




hi,my name is terry ,a chinese boy .i want to make friends to improve the english each other .can you help me ?thank you in advince .

i 'm waiting for you .friends .come on ,contact me .my MSN is terry821008,hotmail

because the msn 's address will be hided by the net ,so i just use the comma instead of the @.so ,pardon me .

09:00 AM Apr 15 2007 |

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United States


       Remember languages get to begin with a capital letter.  You wanted to say

"I have studied English for many years" – Most things that are more then one get an " s ", alright?

  I can help you with written English, it seems that needs attention from you too!


09:23 PM Jun 10 2007 |


United States


   Hi Anchen,

    My e-mail is friend12be  @  yahoo . com ( do not put the spaces in when you write me)

   It hopefully will be nice to make friends with you!Wink Sincerely,Dave ( please understand I am only here on the weekends. (New York, USA time))

09:28 PM Jun 10 2007 |



Hi everyone. I`m from Brazil and I like to participate.Let`s improve aour english ok. Hugs to everyone.

11:20 PM Jun 10 2007 |


United States

Welcome Carvalho!

 Please read and learn from the past notes! I will help to improve written English. Please tell more about yourself. I wish you well in learning English.

Best wishes!


11:31 PM Jun 10 2007 |



Thanks for your answer. Forgive my english too. In my opinion the mainly problem is to find someone to practice English language. Well, I ´m writing from Brazil. I´m 34, and as I said , I would like to improve my English. I have been studying English a lot. I like English music too and I think that´s important to training de pronunciation. I have some doubts about how to use “ain’t”. Could you explain? Thanks again.

04:24 PM Jun 11 2007 |


United States

 Hi Everybody,

    "Ain't" is not really proper English, it is slang English it is like a words : yep and huh-ha .  The word  " ain't " is another word for  not. It is better to use the word – not – then "ain't". English songs do not always have proper English.  I recommend the singer John Denver, most of his songs have good English.

08:58 PM Jun 17 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

how are you

12:57 AM Sep 05 2007 |




hi guys i come from philippines ,iwant to find more friends .and how to make improve to speak a good and fluent english ,just here my email add… .and add my yahoo messenger jhay_lord19.thanks for more advice here in site ..more power and more wishis 2 all



04:14 AM Sep 05 2007 |




    i am also to improve my english,hah,thank you terry1008's artcial.hah, i like here,and  whit you and them progress gogether.

    i 'm milei.and come from chinese too. is a office worker, just because my work,so ,i have to study english again. hope,verybady help ,thank you.

10:30 AM Sep 05 2007 |



thank you very much i want lean english can you

10:51 AM Sep 05 2007 |