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New Hampshire Set to Approve Same-Sex Marriage



United Kingdom



BOSTON — Gov. John Lynch of New Hampshire said Thursday that he would sign the state’s same-sex marriage bill if it was amended to further protect opponents of such unions from having to take part in ceremonies celebrating them.

Legislative leaders indicated they would allow the changes, making it all but certain that New Hampshire will become the sixth state to allow marriage between gay couples.

“New Hampshire’s great tradition has always been to come down on the side of individual liberties and protections,” Mr. Lynch, a Democrat, said in a statement. “But following that tradition means we must act to protect both the liberty of same-sex couples and religious liberty.”

In its current form, the bill exempts clergy members from having to perform same-sex weddings.

The amendment proposed by Mr. Lynch goes further, exempting any “religious organization, association, or society,” as well as individuals or nonprofit groups working with or for such an organization, from having to participate.

Vermont and Connecticut used similar language in their same-sex marriage bills.








What are you thoughts on this event?

09:08 PM May 14 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia


they will marry each other and never have kids and then die and never come back hehe I think they r nt so much …

Astagforallah  Yell

09:25 PM May 14 2009 |




every people marry to have family, man and women and children

in animals too, you never see, this in animal, male be with female always not other

then important question for gays Cool

Who will be pregnant?Cool

09:27 PM May 14 2009 |



United Kingdom



09:33 PM May 14 2009 |



"why do they need a sheet of paper to demonstrate it?"

I believe for the same reasons heterosexual couples do in a civil marriage.

09:36 PM May 14 2009 |



"Why all this pain and fatigue in order to promote the right of gay marriage?"

It can apply the same for: Why all this pain and fatigue to promote Islam/Catholicism/Chirtianity/Abort/Drugs….?? And the list can be infinite Laughing

10:06 PM May 14 2009 |



"but in the case of heterosexuals the implications might be others"

At the end, nobody want to live alone but with their perfect match, doesn´t them? I respect those with another sexual preferences and I agree with you, "they are humans too"

10:09 PM May 14 2009 |



Hahaha! No man. I say it because in the same way somebody could be insisting in promote one topic, in this case gay rights, maybe someone else could be insisting in another with the same fervour… not because I were putting religion and same sex marriage in the same level Laughing

10:24 PM May 14 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

may be they will invent another religion to themselves :p

every thing is possible Tongue out...


religion never call for harm :D 

10:26 PM May 14 2009 |




I'd be really impressed to see a muslim saying OMG i support gays right! 

not if he/she was gay!


Fabs1 is this to create another racist thread? 

I only see racist comments here(with some exceptions too)

fabs1  i'm really wondered to know your opinion :)

BY THE WAY, i support them! Go on !!

and for all here that hate them, or descriminate them! try to be on their side! imagine yourself loving someone and you cant marry him/her because of some stupid law! remember gays wont dominate world! and let them alone! 

whatever i wanted to write much much more! but I wont wast my time  explaining what people that had born with fags hate!

I wont change what they already hate!

its like make a kid with 2 months to know speak clearly!


10:31 PM May 14 2009 |



You know statistics can be so manipulable depending what you want to prove…

11:00 PM May 14 2009 |