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Life Talk!

Do you like babies ? Why ? Why not?




If you like babies, which ages the best ?

 I like babies when they are 1-2 year :D then they are so sweet :P


 If you have funny and sweet photo your baby/cousin/siblings/ share it with me and add it here:p



08:09 PM May 21 2009 |

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Yeah Cos they like Pure Human

Pure Faces, And Need help always

08:21 PM May 21 2009 |



yes i like babies :):)

they are so cute

and so nice :):)

they are the pure humans ^^

09:05 PM May 21 2009 |



United States

well yeah i love kids for sure….i love them but not from me….ima gunna be a foster parent…i will adopt 2 cute lil angels

09:49 PM May 21 2009 |



It seems like I'm the only one who doesn't like babies. Not that I would like adults that much either, but I guess it's a whole another topic…


Anyroad, I don't like babies because:

- they are noisy

- they are messy

- they can't really do anything

- they're not especially nice to look at (I think human babies are in fact rather ugly)


And I guess I'm going to hear a load of preaching about things such as "you once were a baby, too", "the children are our future" or "life is about learning". I don't deny those things but they don't mean I should like babies. Besides, I'm glad I didn't have to see myself as a baby since I've heard I was a pretty difficult one. And as you might guess, I don't want to have children of my own. There are enough – or actually too many – people in this horrible world anyway.

11:02 PM May 21 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i love them so much ,but i don't know why !!

11:12 PM May 21 2009 |



Russian Federation

i adore children.. i love them all.. and it doesn’t matter which age they are and which gender.. i dream about having my own ones.. and i know when time comes, i’ll be the happiest parent in this world :)

06:06 AM May 22 2009 |




I love all babies cause there is no innocence like their’s.

02:54 PM May 22 2009 |



I like babies with ketchup and served with French fries…

 Hahaha!!! I´m joking!!! Uh… I don´t have problems spending time with babies and little children. It seems I´m like a magneto to them because they feel confident to talk to me or invite me to play with them. Strange, isn´t it?

I´d love to have a daughter and a son in the future, now I don´t feel prepared to be a father, but I agree children show us that world is not as bad as it seems. They are so pure and we need to protect them and guide them in the good way.

05:43 PM May 22 2009 |





Obnoxious ? aaaa.. You are ugly If you think so !

We were babies too ! aaa :PP


08:40 PM May 22 2009 |