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How do you think about girls who wears make up? Do you like it or not?



Hey ,

I want to know how do you feel about girls who wears make up?

Or you like them just being naturally?

Do you think it's a big different between a girl who wear make up or remove it?

In Taiwan,most of the girl will looks pretty if they wears make up. Most of them afraid to walk on the street if they had removed their make up.

How about your country?? Tell me ,tell me!! LOL 

03:51 PM May 23 2009 |

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makeup or without makeup , the true beauty comes from inside the person. I prefer a natural face     

10:18 PM May 30 2009 |



I think Westerner ladies don't look very different when they wear make up or not,that's a good thing.

Do you guys ever see the Asian ladies wearing or not wearing make up? It's might be scary you,I guess. LOL

Recently we have many TV shows are discuss about these kinds of topic,they like to show how the ladies look before wearing make up and after. And guys seen how different they look,they just yelling "that is incredible". Cool 

Because we look totally different when we wear make up or not. Make up is an amazing thing,it can let our small Asian eyes become big looking eyes and charming.

Guys,all your commend on those Asian girls ,saying they are pretty,sweet….ect.Don't forget they all wears make up. LOL  Tongue out

But I still hope many Asian girls can see this forum,let them know there're still many ppl likes girls looks naturally. Embarassed

ps. I love make up,especially eye-line. Wink


03:29 AM May 31 2009 |


United States

I'm really late in replying, but I just saw this today and I felt like I had to reply.  I was born in Taiwan but moved to the United States at a very young age, so I can't really compare. However in the US, the first time I saw my classmates wearing make up would be about fourth or fifth grade.  I'm currently in my first year of high school (14 years of age) and I'm still make up-less.  Part of the reason is because my mom doesn't think I should wear make up and the other part is that I think I look perfectly fine without it.  I think that a person shouldn't go overboard on the make up, rather use it scarcely and when it is needed (to cover something up and whatnot).

10:47 PM Oct 02 2009 |



Viet Nam

well, in my opinion, young girls are nice and lovely enough not to put on make-up. its good to use some lipstick or lip gloss, it will make them more lovely. And for the girls in the age of 25+, its good to use some cosmetic to make them feel confident. i think especially in formal occasions, make up is necessary for girls in any age.

i dint wear make up when i was a girl school, but now whenever i go out,face cream, lipstick and liner are the things i always have in my bag

02:44 AM Oct 03 2009 |



Make up is for girls who dont find themselves  beautiful. I don't think they need it.

05:39 AM Oct 03 2009 |




Well, no objection but it look disgusting – the show after make up. You know expectations are broken after reality. Rather it is more better to show up faces before the make-up than conjures with new face, in that way the dreams will not be broken but will expedite further dreams for the same real face.  

11:22 AM Oct 03 2009 |


United Kingdom

I like girls being natural, but occasionally make up also looks good.


11:29 AM Oct 03 2009 |



I love make up, sometimes I put my glasses off, so I can use my softlens and do some make up for my eyes and my face as well, and it makes me more confidence..There is nothing wrong being pretty…

06:09 AM Oct 16 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S



08:06 AM Oct 17 2009 |



I've always thought it was absurd that women spend so much time putting clay and chemicals on their faces just to go someplace public.

If you look good, you look good with or without it. As a man I can tell you I don't pay more attention to women painted up like clowns with blue powder on their eyelids or red bright lipstick. I don't get it.

06:13 PM Oct 17 2009 |