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Which Non-native Engish Speaker Country do have the best accent when speak english?



We are at English,baby , there are alot of people from every corner of the world!
Probably more than 80% of the people have talked with people from other countries that have not english as main language!
So the Question is Which Country (REMEMBER, not Native speaker countries), do have the best Accent when speak english?
And the worst you’ve heard?

02:42 PM May 24 2009 |

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I’ve talked with people from many places!
The best I’ve heard was from Iran! They speak very good in english! maybe because their accent is not so bad!
Also Portugal is a country that easly speaks any language, since our accent addapts to each language!
Arabic accent is very funny, and not bad at all!
Brazil accent is very funny also, but quite very brazilian! heheh
The worsts was from Spanish speakers! they sound too bad (not all of course), but their language makes that since their pronunce is strange!
Also French people talking english is very hard to understand what they talk!

02:47 PM May 24 2009 |




I like Irish and Scottish accent… Usually the ones whi speak during the food ball matchs. I also loke german accent. 


some Iranians and Indians  have good accent because, English can trace back it's root to Avestan/Sanskrit.



So it is easier for them to have a nutral accent.  

03:04 PM May 24 2009 |



the Spanish accent might be poor, but since all of my students use Spanish s their L1 and I lived and worked with many Hispanic immigrants when I was in the US, I've become accostomed to it.


In my opinion, Indians speak some of the best English. 

08:01 PM May 24 2009 |




mmm i dunno but i guess spanish its one of the worse cuz in spanish we dont have a lot of voices and phonemas…. we use simple sounds, not nasal sounds… and when we try to speak english or other language, we cant pronounce these "weird" sounds hehehe xD

01:12 AM May 25 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

I think I agree with Hakimi in that speakers of languages of far east; Japanese, Chinese and so on may find difficulty in speaking other languages. Also, I agree with gkisseberth for some Indians speak very fine English.

The difficulty for Arabs speaking English lies in the number of vowels they use in their Arabic speeches (i.e. there is almost a vowel between each consonants) while in English one may find three consonants and sometimes four cluster together in one word. 

03:56 AM May 25 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

:p I think even your own accent it affect ur pronunciation  sometimes it happen that we speak Saudi-English sounds really Ugly :P..and also egyptian do speak Egyptian English for Ex: the don't pronounce the "th"sond they say it "z" or "S' ...

I don't knew whose the best maybe Arab ,,, :P 

12:15 PM May 25 2009 |



probably yes, but its not efficient, no native its mean that we learn are not from the source. as like we learn from lessbook

10:31 AM Oct 11 2011 |