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Life Talk!

Do you have prom after high school in your country?




DO you have prom when you graduate after high school ? :)

If you have, how does it look ?


In poland we have.. it's call ''studniówka'' ( 100 days before matura exams, very important exams )


ofc girls buy new dress, shoes etc..go to hairdresser , make up ..

and we dance all night there with our partner :D

I have been in January with my bf.. it was amazing! and next year ( 15th of Januray) will be my prom.. it will be amazing too :P

and all this prom we have on DVD :D nice memories in some years :)

08:36 PM May 30 2009 |

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yes! we have! Uruguayan people are melancolic people, so prom here mixes fun with sadness

11:59 PM May 30 2009 |



As I remembered,we don't have prom.Frown

Taiwanese are shy to have a dance. Even a ball,we don't have a ball either.

Sounds bad for us. The prom must be very fun.

04:34 AM May 31 2009 |

nina ju


 in china,we don't have prom,but i hope my daughter can take part in a wonderful one years later.if prom is good,fun,why don't we accept a new habit?

11:14 AM May 31 2009 |




yep, 3 years ago i had a prom=) it was really nice cuz me and my classmates booked the area and restaurant in the most luxurous hotel of our city. So we received the best service and enjoyed nice time. It was expensive but it worth visiting such place=))

  U know ,students were not permitted to drink alcohol in such places, but our resourceful boys could bring   alcoholic drinks with them.=) They just  masked vodka in the bottle of mineral water so that no one could guess what was inside=))   


11:29 AM May 31 2009 |





   Yes, high school prom is the most awaited event in all high schools.   And, memorable event to many students.


I had mine.   And, it's a wonderful experience and left a pleasant memories.

08:50 AM Jun 03 2009 |