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US abortion doctor is shot dead



United Kingdom

A prominent US abortion doctor has been shot dead at his church in Wichita, Kansas, city officials say.

Sixty-seven year-old George Tiller was killed just after 1000 (1500 GMT) at the Reformation Lutheran Church.

Dr Tiller – one of the few US doctors who performed late-term abortions – had been demonised by some in the anti-abortion movement.

His clinic had often been the site of demonstrations, and he was shot and wounded by an assailant 16 years ago.

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Police and city officials are quoted as saying Dr Tiller was shot in the lobby of the church.

They say the attacker, a white man, then fled in a car.



George Tiller had survived an attempt on his life 16 years ago


The shooting comes two weeks after President Barack Obama made a major speech on abortion at one of the main Catholic universities in the US.

Correspondents say the president is attempting to defuse the abortion issue – a highly emotive subject in US public life – by arguing that while it should remain legal, the government should do all it can to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies.

But members of the anti-abortion movement have been angered by the president's reversal of restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and for family-planning groups which carry out or facilitate abortions outside the US.

Dr Tiller was shot in the lobby of the church, reports say


Dr Tiller's killing, however, was swiftly denounced by anti-abortionists.

"We denounce vigilantism and the cowardly act that took place this morning," anti-abortion group Operation Rescue said on its website.


Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8076253.stm




This is an interesting story.

Any thoughts or opinions?



06:59 PM May 31 2009 |

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no matter how opposed you might be to abortion, even the kinds this doctor was doing, this is not the way to fight it. I hope the killer is aprehended soon and justice is done.

03:46 AM Jun 01 2009 |



i totally agree with gkisseberth if the assailant feels he has done the world a favour he needs a strong rethink  i am not an advocate of abortion after i saw a video tape on abortion(the kind this doctor was carrying out) the baby is drowned in a liquid solution or ripped limb after limb you could actually see the silent scream it actaually made me cringe but the problem we have is that most people don't consider a developing featus as a living human beign the church says its wrong but society sees it as a neccesssity topics like this just conclude the kind of complex world we live in but abortion is wrong children are blessings they are the future of the world for every abortion we don't know how many nelson mandelas, abraham lincoln, martin luther king, ghandi we have lost

06:35 AM Jun 01 2009 |



South Korea

crazy country,,,

since child, I learn n speak american english, whenever I wonder is why I have to study American English to communicate with world people.

I don undrstnd hw this crazy country dat so big n powerful

02:22 PM Jun 01 2009 |



United Kingdom

I don't think this is just an American issue, but it is a place where both views on the issue are radically opposed and often clash.

12:55 AM Jun 02 2009 |