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Life Talk!

What is your mannerism( eccentric habit)?? XD



Hey all,

Do you or your friends…ect. have any eccentric habit(mannerism)??  Wink

What is it?  What is the most oddest one?! LOL

I'm just curiousing and I think it might be very interesting to know different ppl with different odd habit~ LOL Tongue out

05:39 PM Jun 02 2009 |

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jamal pachath


i don't like more noisy atmosphere and also don't like to talk more. i dont like to eat more. because " i am eating for living not living for eating".

11:17 AM Jun 20 2009 |



About sleeping , I just thought of My grandma.

She can't sleep without the TV program sound. It's very odd, every time we thought she was falls asleep,actually she's really falls asleep because she snored. So we went to her room and turn off the TV but suddenly she's awake. And feel angry then asked us why we turn off her TV, she was watching it.  But all we know she was falls alseep.

Every time if we turn off her TV ,she will suddenly awake. That's my grandma's mannerism. Tongue out

03:25 PM Jun 20 2009 |