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Life Talk!

the worst mistake !



Saudi Arabia

 what is the worst mistake that anyone can make?

10:45 PM Jun 03 2009 |

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the worst mistake is "speaking nonsense.."  your tongue is your sword, once U speak, people will see that's you..

02:26 AM Jun 04 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

I think there is no mistakes which worth calling them WORST ones , coz the human beings are like to forget things even if they were the worst!! 

When you say the worst mistake you mean the one which is hard to forget but since the human being is able to forget then it won't be the worst !! 

Besides, there are different aspects of the level of mistakes some may think that certain thing is a mistake and some may think is not that bad !!

Any way, to me there is no worse mistakes .. mistakes are mistakes which I can get over them and keep going

11:58 AM Jun 04 2009 |

Unjust Angle

Saudi Arabia

mistake is mistake no matter how big or small it'll be

12:03 PM Jun 04 2009 |




nobody want to make mistake.

12:09 PM Jun 04 2009 |




To me worst mistake is when you do something wrong but you don't admit it or you don't realize it's wrong. 

When you make mistakes and you don't call them mistakes

When people point at you and say "what have you done!" and you act like nothing happened! 

And the worst, when you fight with someone who has been hurt by you and you on the other hand are waiting for that person to apologize because you never do something wrong :P

Nice topic <3  

12:23 PM Jun 04 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

the worst mistake  when u hurt someone but can't to right your mistake..

01:09 PM Jun 04 2009 |



what i think about the worst mistake is that we often forget what you have had , but to pursue what we don't have . as a matter of fact, the most important thing for me is to cherish what i have had.

02:49 PM Jun 04 2009 |




the mistake is to do mistakes and don't repair them

05:00 PM Jun 04 2009 |

Miss Perfect

Saudi Arabia

having strong feelings for someone…any kind of feelings..love..trust…even hate…etc…just don't..

it's not worth it..

coz at the end…that someone…will disappoint you..

human beings just do..

09:21 PM Jun 04 2009 |

ambitious rody


 the worst mistake is to leave the small mistake to be big one that you can solve it at that moment

01:55 AM Jun 05 2009 |