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Dear procurement gentlemen, please do not be cheap deceived by the price war




Had not exclusive to write articles, as recently more emotionally complex, like it Nongfushangquan-bit today opened two days did not open the Yahoo mail, discovered a previously linked to the customer * Mr. putting our products on the letter, see his mail, He had not the news, he suddenly received a letter, I am happy because he has given me the impression that has been pretty easygoing. main content of the letter or on the push rod, the price is still up 50% open, I am confused, He can be reached as offered by the standard price of putting this is absolutely can not do, unless the criterion was not met. He told me that he asked us to do here other a push rod manufacturers, the newspaper price is half of ours, only mentioned price, quality, it required standards can be attained, I probably check in online under which the factory production Pusher, I would like to know why the other side of the relative prices of our terms so outrageous, I saw, They are above board products photographs, (If I find that the company's customer information is referred to by her) is also produced a lightweight push rod, For product prices, we are aware of 42 games can do, But I am not up to it by the customer results, it is not up to the requirements of the customer load, We can offer is to achieve the demands made by the heavy pusher, push rod, a country only if we do, because our products are dedicated to the production of an American company. but in the domestic application of shape and internal structure of the patent, this sudden, the original outrageous prices just because the customer side of this price difference is so big that has been skeptical also have not done any decision has been trying to study the market, I think this is right, but if there is the time convenience. the best you have to ask the manufacturers of the product on-site inspection, so you have to purchase the product quality, performance, Price has done a comprehensive understanding, giving themselves to the market have a better understanding for their own end, thought, This business will do Tashi, each different product specifications, it can achieve different effects in scope, hoping Dear procurement gentlemen, in the search for cheaper prices at the same time that it should determine whether the effect of the performance meets your requirements, Now domestic product prices have become almost transparent, and if the same products Our prices can be higher than other manufacturers half, I think our products will be unable to find a foothold in the industry, I very much agree with the boss on Product Quality increasing demands of view, each product will be a bit more or less minor ailments, But we have been making efforts to improve, we hope that tomorrow better than today

01:31 AM Apr 30 2007 |

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How no one to help me back to the stickers?

02:23 AM May 07 2007 |