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How do u like chatting with a foreigner?

Sandy Jane

Sandy Jane


If I have enough time ,I would chat with a foreign friend from morning till night.haha.Cuz I felt it was interesting,we can get to know different cultures and customs.And I can make  friends with them.We share our lives each other.

How do you like chatting with a foreigner? Cool

04:44 PM Jun 23 2009 |

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i have a problem in chatting as my english is not up to mark.

the main problem is the e mail of fraud people ihave only get fraud  email till now they only want to cheat u…...

12:16 AM Oct 30 2009 |


Viet Nam

LaughingChatting is a part of my life. I love making friends with people from other countries

I am an english teacher

Chatting with other friends in English help me lots in my carreer

10:45 AM Feb 17 2011 |


Viet Nam

I am an English teacher in Viet Nam

I want to make friends with all people from other countries

Be my friends please

11:09 AM Feb 17 2011 |




Chatting a foreigner is very nice to me. When you are chatting someone from a different culture and/or society you can learn a lot, I can guarantee that. However, sometimes you must be careful about the site where you meet him/her, because there are very popular sites in Internet, such as omegle.com or www.Imeetzu.com which are very used by people without manners. In fact, both sites are for "dating". Also, beware those "friends" who only seem to care about the amount of "friends" in their profiles.

02:13 PM Feb 17 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi candy you are a nice girl because of your opinion.

do you live in china????

I really like to know about your country and your culture .

if you like it too say to me.

by the way my english isn’t good.sorry:(

02:28 PM Aug 05 2013 |




Yeah I also love chatting with strangers, that sorta nice.. Actually I’d love to talk to nice people from every corner of the world..

02:33 AM Sep 13 2013 |



it s good title .. infact the answer  keeps inside title… Thats a way . if you wont to speak someone who you dont  .. you have to know that you are forein for the other one too..

01:59 PM Oct 06 2013 |




Yes ı would true friends.Have yo got facebook adress?

05:28 PM Oct 06 2013 |




Yes, of course there’s plenty of bad behavior in the internet and that’s an obstacle for everyone to learn about different cultures and languages. But I think we should pay attention to the people who’s here to help and be helped, and not to the jerks.

It’s a matter of getting to know people more and more, and evolving some kind of sixth sense when someone with bad intention aproaches.

10:44 AM Oct 27 2013 |




Yes. Because it’s interesting to chat with someone who has different culture and traditions.

03:35 PM Mar 07 2015 |