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Why you think Muhammed is Fake Prophet?




Why you think Muhammed is Fake Prophet?

If you interesting, you must ask About him

Why you Not believe him ?

01:26 PM Jun 24 2009 |

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That was clear in Koran, so what do you doubt about it? There is nothing to argue..


03:06 PM Jun 27 2009 |



United Kingdom

What question was it that I didn't answer?

If its the childish question about 'how I smell after 24 hours', I'll suggest you go to a kindergarten for toilet humour .


03:35 AM Jun 28 2009 |



United Kingdom


Mohammed founded a great and largely followed religion.

Whether that makes him the greatest man of all time is debatable. So did Buddha. So did Jesus.


03:37 AM Jun 28 2009 |



our prophet is more respected than talking about him here and hear insulting from here and there….it is enough for us as muslim we know him and believe him—-and if there are not people who believe him,its up to them and we will see later who is the right

06:09 AM Jun 28 2009 |



United Kingdom

Fair enough.

The topic however is clear.

06:26 AM Jun 28 2009 |



United Kingdom

"Who on earth the passage refers to if it doesn't refer to Muhammed (PBUH)? Let's have a look again to the passage below and recognize the one whom was mentioned in this passage:"

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Obadiah …take your pick. There are many prophets in Judaism that came after Moses.

02:13 PM Jun 28 2009 |



United Kingdom

NOTE: "Speak unto them all" underlines the universality of his mission: "

 No it doesn't. It can just mean speak to all of Bnei Yisrael.


"Put my words in his mouth"denotes God's revelations to him."

That can prefer to any other prophet, as I pointed out. There is nothing specific to Mohammed here.

"The Quran is the revealed book. The wordings in these verses "raise a prophet from the midst of thee of thy brethren" and "raise unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee of thy brethren. "are prophecies pointed towards Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).""

Why? Mohammed wasn't Jewish so how could he be 'midst of thee and they brethren'? Muhammed had nothing to do with Jews or their brethren. He was an Arab merchant.

This description much more fits the later Jewish prophets.

"Yet this phrase still reads in Hebrew as "MUHAMMADIM". Moreover, The ending letters "im" is a plural of respect, majesty and grandeur, just as in Elohim (the God)."

Yes, but in the context it doesn't make sense to translate it's grammar that way. It's just a similar word that people are trying to say is referring to Mohammed.

To me it's just as bad as Christians using the Jewish Bible and every time it says the word 'salvation' (Yeshua in Hebrew) that it automtically refers to Jesus.

In the context this is what it would mean:

"His mouth is most sweet; and he is altogether Mohammeds . This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem."

The word has a similar root as that of Mohammed's name. It has no connection to the rest of the context of the book.


"et us consult the English version of the Bible which we find have rendered the original Hebrew word Himda and Shalom into desire and peace respectively. "

The book of Haggai is apart of the Hebrew scripture so I'll be consulting the original text that I have here.


"And I will shake all nations, and the Himada of all the nations will come; and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts. Mine is the silver, mine is the gold, says the Lord of hosts, the glory of my last house shall be greater than that of the first one, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give Shalom, says the Lord of Hosts" 

Chimdat is the Hebrew word I have here, meaning 'precious things'. The verse refers to the offerings being brough to the Temple by the nations.

Shalom is obvious to most as it means 'peace, tranquility, fullness'. This doesn't refer to anyting uniquely Islamic. To the contrary these are very Jewish Bibilcal concepts.

02:29 PM Jun 28 2009 |



I think Muhammed was swell.

03:48 PM Jun 28 2009 |



United Kingdom

Thinking of writing a song:

'Mohammed is just alright with me '

to the tune of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra7_60iwpk8

06:55 PM Jun 28 2009 |




I.pharaoh, for what purpose that you come out with that idea??

12:56 PM Jun 29 2009 |