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Life Talk!

What you Would Do If you Were a Billionaire ?



like topiccccccc!!!

I would traval around the world if I were billionaire !!!

I would buy  iPhone if I were Billionaire!!

I would buy   clothes if were Billionaire !!

I would buy a car and house to my family if I were Billionaire ! 


now   to be honest nd tell me  What you Would Do If you Were a Billionaire !!!

11:59 PM Jul 03 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

i wills pent more than half of it to help ather and spurt famils and those who need :) and keep some for me to start  a new family <:)

01:09 AM Jul 04 2009 |



yehhh !!I might help someone who needs help !!

they needs money than us !!!

01:45 AM Jul 04 2009 |




I'll do like Iman said beside i'll bring  a present for every friend here in ebaby     hahahahaLaughing

05:42 AM Jul 04 2009 |



hahah  and I'd love to receive your present !!!


10:02 AM Jul 04 2009 |




then pray GOD for me to be so, and u will see at onceSmile...........

11:05 AM Jul 04 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Nice lets dream:

I'll build a whole village and donate it to poor ppl in the kingdom..

I'll build a castle for my self with my family and a big garden around with a pool…

I'll buy the best Car for myself ..

I'll buy another Castle for the Summer in Turkey :D 

I'll make a small Zoo and try to visit it every day to get rid of my fear of animals :P

I'll make alot of chocolate cake and make parties with friends

I'll visit Italy :D

n I'll have my own plane heheh …

I think this is enough or maybe brb again :D .. 

02:15 AM Jul 09 2009 |




I would buy  iPhone if I were Billionaire!!

oh if i were you i would buy the apple company :D

I would buy   clothes if were Billionaire !!

A mall would be a great buy i think ;)

and for me i would..

- feed the hunger

- build a shelter for all the beggars 

- food stamp for jobless

- nursing home for elderly people

- health care assistance for disabled/ less fortunate people

- clean drinking water in remote areas

- education assistance/scholarship from preschool- college school.

- pension for veterans/ senior citizen 

thats all :D

11:15 AM Jul 09 2009 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

Honesty, I really don't know what I would do if I had that much money. Actually, I have what I want, I don't feel that I deserve this money, in case that I got this money, I think I'll give it to poor people or someone in need or for charity, I don't like to keep with me money which I don't need it that much, it enough for me that my necessary things are available for me, thanks to ALLAH for all the things that he gives to us, be thankful for what you have got now, appreciate the things that are in your hand and don't think of what you don't get, this will make you the most rich person in the world, be content and pleased.

02:16 PM Jul 09 2009 |


Russian Federation

First of all, author, have ever count how much you need to have all the things you've written?

Suppose it's is something about $3-5 millions. And I think because of such thinking this is the limit for you. It isn't bad at all, if it is all that you need to be happy. To know what you want is much more important. And green gree
is absolutely right saying that he is happy with all he have.

 As for me, for now i need only about $120 millions.

  • $10 millions for miscellaneous stuff (i have it all written);
  • another $10 millions for relatives;
  • and $100 millions for "bright minds fund" – the funs for smart young people i've planned.

02:35 PM Jul 09 2009 |