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When did you join with Ebaby

jamal pachath


Dear friends, Please exchange your experience with us by answering the following:

Howmany friends do you have?

Do ebaby helps to progress your english language?

Howmany words do you learned through ebaby?

How often do you visit ebaby regularly?

Could you mention some unavoidable (unforgettable)friend's names gained through ebaby?



01:57 PM Jul 14 2009 |

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green greener

United Arab Emirates

I've joined ebaby in 2007 but I don't remember exactly which month, I think March or April. I had before many friends, but because I stopped for a period of time and I joined now, I have about 10 friends from ebaby who added me; I also have some friends from chatting in ebaby. There are some friends who I knew from ebaby before who still in touch with me, some of them for about two years. About my English language, in reality, this was my purpose in joining ebaby and still I'm learning new words and improving my writing through this site. I can't count how many words but I'm learning. I often visit ebaby in my free time, whenever I have an opportunity, I visit ebaby even if I didn't participate, I keep reading what other posted.

02:31 PM Jul 14 2009 |



I joined Ebaby August 2007! Ebaby Before was very diffrent from Now! But I love it!I cant go away from here!It is like a home LOL


Howmany friends do you have?

LOL More than 1000 Friends! but most of them dont talk! LOL

Do ebaby helps to progress your english language?


Howmany words do you learned through ebaby?

hahah! well!I learnt only one new word here!:D  ''Ebabian'' 


How often do you visit ebaby regularly?

Well, before I visited here everyday!Now it is boring! So i come here from only sometimes!I visit forums now more often because they are getting more interesting!

08:51 PM Jul 14 2009 |

jamal pachath


thank you for all for your comments, this will help us to know how much people committed with ebaby for their life enjoyments and how people like ebaby. thank you for all your comments….wish you all the best.

07:53 AM Jul 15 2009 |