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Life Talk!

Bomb in Indonesia ( Jakarta )




Did you hear about it  ?!

All mulim told me 'Islam is good' etc! lol.do yoou know?  These bomb made ISLAM !! 

In every coutyr are bad people… but DON"T SAY THAT ISLAM IS GOOD, IS ALL GOOD< NEVER !

9 ppl killed ! 50 people are injured !!



11:58 AM Jul 17 2009 |

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I really don't know talk with you anymore! you don't know nothin about Christanity! ohh my Gooooooooood …

I believe in new and Old Testament,, you can't … I also can say '' In Qoran are lies'' the same like you write about Testament..

Pls don't say lies.. ok ? 

and shut up !

10:44 AM Jul 25 2009 |



Djouzi  i'm not fighting i'm just discussing


Rikar, you know, it is my last talk about this subject, Christian Preachers are lyin at Christian folk, they know Jesus is not dead, but they indeed lie, coz they even dont have faith for God, they have it another else.

I cant agree with this because in our prayers, they say :

And He is sin at right side of Father (GOD)

so he is alive! And we celebrate his  Resurrection, so that means he is not dead!

10:48 AM Jul 25 2009 |



can you all sell me some free time of yours? you seem to have much..

12:11 PM Jul 25 2009 |




I didn't say that Islam is stupid, just that Islam has lots of stupid rules :]

Patii..although i know that its from your own view…but you just cannot easily said something like that…Islam,Christian,Buddha,Atties or what ever religion,we're friend here….Pls don't forget the reason that we're here…Don't you feels someone might get hurt with what you've accuse??I know you're smart and beautiful girl but to mades everything soo perfect for you..my advise is, pls just don't easily thinking or saying something like that….

12:21 PM Jul 25 2009 |





thx for your comment :) Maybe I don;t know Islam..but I know some rules and for me they are weird.. I woudn't live with these rules..

Forum is to share about our opinion… just for it..


Djouzi .. I finished talk with you :]

12:56 PM Jul 25 2009 |




I am not hurt, because I don't believe you and I don't care about your opinion :D:D

01:18 PM Jul 25 2009 |



you see , u r a catholicnand u dont know your religion well ! forget it 

 "so he is alive! And we celebrate his  Resurrection, so that means he is not dead!"

Catholist believe he is dead but they believe in the Ressurection or Second Coming of Jesusi the End of Days..

we also believe that Jesus will come back, but he is not dead,

Christian think he was killed, byt he wasnt, the cross is a false story…

Sorry, but you dont know nothing!

I have born Christian, so I know everything I should know! and there is no false story!

If you wanna learn about Christianity alittle bit, read the whole Bibble and you'll understand!

and dont waste your time telling to I read the kuran because i already have one and i'm reading ;)




Memo  mwahwahwha! I sell you for 10€ , 1 free hour!


okay, as you're my friend i'll give you for free XD

but dont abuse!


02:32 PM Jul 25 2009 |





You know when Jezus was killed , Christanity didn't exist.. after some years after Jezu's death , my religion 'born'

so how Christian could kill Jezus? Heh.. Jews judge that jezus must die… and then some people in Rome killed him..but they were gentiles…not Christians !!

and now do you still claim that Christian killed Jezus? 

heh ;]

05:26 PM Jul 25 2009 |




I don;t this kind of stuff will ever end.

If things go like this, then tommorow Kids will threten thier parents with blowing up the house (Operssion should not be tolerated, it has to be faught back . )


05:43 PM Jul 25 2009 |



I also have the bible, I read the first pages but it was in vain

of course! I'd really be SURPRISED, if you told me that you loved it!

By the way, you dont follow what islam says and you're not more than a person that thinks only on his thoughts and dont respect other's ideas!

I advice you to go play with your girlfriend on webcam instead of posting mindless comments like the ones you post!

the end!

08:42 PM Jul 25 2009 |