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Are you scared of getting old?



what makes you scared the most about getting old?

11:18 PM Jul 18 2009 |

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not really! every age has its own beauty,every wrinkle on the face and evry grey hair on the head represent somthing from your past.When the time comes you get what you are supposed to get .You can not prevent it but you can delay it by eating health ,having regular exercises and keeping out of stress as much as possible.Loosing my mind would make me scared the most about getting old as the mind is the manager of the body.I would be scared that i would not be able to remember my kids and grandkids.i might even end up kissing the man who i have never seen by thinking that is my husband.lol.would be funny

11:41 PM Jul 18 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well.. i just don't wanna think about it.yeah, i'm getting old. i'm 19 soon i'll be 20..i mean who knows.

12:41 AM Jul 19 2009 |




you're what you do…. so you can be youg forever.. remember this!

However, in my point of view, getting alone is the worst thing to a person, specially to old people

01:18 AM Jul 19 2009 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

I'm not scared; it is natural that everyone will get to this stage of life. I only wish that everyone will be in a good health when he/she reaches this stage, so take care of yourself and your body. Honesty, I'm afraid of cognitive diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases.

07:09 PM Jul 19 2009 |




getting old mean in deep soul of every body that his days in this life is about to fnish, whatever u take the beauty of every stage of ur life or not….it is the bitter truth, that we should face….so the next life is the important one coz for every hr of this life there is thounds hrs in the grave…..and who died on the right belief who will win and vice versa….

07:24 PM Jul 19 2009 |

Miss Perfect

Saudi Arabia

yes I am…but it's inevitable..so better live with it..and enjoy what's left of our youth ^^


02:30 PM Jul 20 2009 |




No, I'm not.  

I am scared of getting selfish by getting old. I mean mentally.

02:52 PM Jul 20 2009 |



For me what it really scares me of  getting old would be being alone (as someone else said before) or not behaving or dressing  according of my age. I have seen people older than me (15 or 20 years older than me) and trying to dress like a university student…. Terrible!!! Hahaha!

03:02 PM Jul 20 2009 |




Hmm it could be fun isn't it? Just sitting in your rocking chair,smoking pot from oldman-stlye pipe and get pension. :D i'm not scared,everybody's getting old once..

06:28 PM Jul 20 2009 |