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the first thing is his eyes,his ideas,how do him think,and his personality,and also i can't forget beauty cause i think it is very important to look beautiful and to have a nice heart and a nice mind!!

04:41 PM Jul 19 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well. i don't think you'll ever notice something in her/him in the first date so i'd say, go out with her/him more than once and you'll notice those stuff you mention

05:32 PM Jul 19 2009 |



well, i didn't think before Laughing but i suppose the personality is not intelligible easily. there are so many things that influences and changes us just for a day. Knowing a person must take up time. anyway, the topic is fallen apart. i suppose the important thing is feeling about that person. and the beauty isn't so important. because it's momentary. Undecided

09:27 PM Aug 09 2009 |


Virgin Islands, U.S.

First Impression is very important. Take notices of your bodylanguage and your presense, be confident and mature.

02:08 AM Aug 10 2009 |