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Learn Every thing about Islam in English, And by Video.listen to a cheristan preacher who become a muslim .


Saudi Arabia











welcom to join my new site which explain Alislam.




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All the video Are In English


Firs, I'd like to say that there are many sites with show bad picture of Islam , those site are wrong and have No knowledge of any kind about Islam ,

Islam is not What Hollywood show and publishes on TV, its all lies

Islam is not what those site who want to show bad picture of Islam.


It's time to  Wake up and find the True picture Of Islam , What Is it and every thing about it,


You don't know how to read!! You don't have to.

You can't understand Arabic!! You don't have to.

It's all simple and In English with Video lecture, just open and watch,



First (to know about Islam, with "video" explanation, by an English lecturer "yusuf estas"


Start from Part one,


On part one you will find an Introduction about the English preacher who's once was  a Christian who become a Muslims latter,

How and Why, what was his reason, what did he find, what make him transfer,

Find Answer for these questions; by listen to his story in part one




Part two,


 You can watch video to many topics about Islam, topics that must of a time people talk about and ask,    and here are  a list of the topic that you will find answer for on the Part two , The Lecture will answer and talk about the following  topics and answer about doubt that you might  have


  • Smoking
  • What do I say to be protected from evil?
  • What about body piercing?
  • Islam & Christianity
  • Relationships with non-Muslims
  • The term "GOD" and Allah
  • Islamic education
  • What is the ka'aba?
  • What about body piercing?
  • Can a Muslim marry a non-Muslim?
  • How to get my parents to follow real Islam?
  • Islam and Women
  • Feeling depressed & asking about music and TV
  • What is bad breath?
  • Do all Christians use the same bible?
  • Can Muslim visit a church?
  • You said that God creates the universe
  • Christianity and Islam
  • A sister converted to Islam and asking about her disbeliever husband
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • Terrorism in the Qur'an?
  • Where is Allah?
  • Why can a man have 4 wives in Islam?
  • Being afraid from the 'Shariaa'
  • wearing "hijab" (veil)
  • How to make someone to be a Muslim
  • Are women subjugated to men in Islam?
  • Predestination       
  • Going to a non-Muslim doctor
  • Relationship between boys & girls in Islam
  • "Reba" (usury)
  • separation between men and women
  • How to convince teenagers to pray
  • Prophet Jesus mentioned the coming of Prophet Mohammad
  • Islam and Music
  • Parents treatment & rights
  • Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world
  • Celebrating birthdays and other events
  • Why do Muslim pray to the East?
  • How to explain the rights of women in Islam to non-Muslims?



Part Three,


Part three shows video and stories for other people who joined the Islam
listen to them find out why,


Part three will be updated with time,



Part Four,

In part four you will fine Links to other sites, Regarding Islam , truly Islam site, not one of those fake Once ,  It will be updated with time ,



That would be all for now about video lectures about Islam,



Forum             Not ready yet.

The forum is a place to post and read articals about Islam , Most of the Articals would be for reading only , no one will be allowed to post , and no need for regestration to read the topic. It's prefared Not to regester in the site, 

Information about the profet and his biography (peace be upon him)

* Hadith ( what had the profet peace be upon him said)
* Qur'an and scince ( since fine and profe mericals in qur'an)

* Islamic websites


That would be all for now about video lectures about Islam,

There are also some pages on the site that you my find interesting,

The pages on the left side of the site,


FeedBack is the mine page witch is the one that you watching now at any time you click on it you'll find you self in this page



on this page you'll find many English Islamic songs "chats" they will be add with time , enjoy listening to them ,


From this page you might chat on line with me, in both languages Arabic or English

Not though that  I have to be online , and even if I were, I might not be able to answer for any reason , sleeping ,praying , eating , studying .. Etc

Or try  this one instead  , For instruction about how to use this page click here  



Some English books I'm working on , you might find useful , J




05:23 PM Jul 21 2009 |

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White heart

Saudi Arabia

Good luck Imman in your nice site . I will enter it soon. I hope you can be useful for all who look for good information about Islam. Thank you so much and good luck again

06:45 PM Jul 21 2009 |



United Kingdom


08:25 PM Jul 21 2009 |




10:26 PM Jul 21 2009 |



totally stealing that image  ;)

01:04 AM Jul 22 2009 |




thanks bro…..

it will be very useful for us to know abt Islam more…..


But, I dont understand why always have disturber in every topic. Can't we share our thread in peace?

What aiman do is good idea and hope for those who non-Islam also have the idea like this. so we can share the right information and learn each others.   


01:15 AM Jul 22 2009 |



United Kingdom

Sure you can.


On another site.

01:16 AM Jul 22 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

Thanks every one expet for one for passing by and glad that you like :) give it to  your friends and shar it with thos who want to learn :)

01:47 AM Jul 22 2009 |



it is very nice

05:22 PM Jul 22 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

Thanks all for you common and happy that youlike it :) Ameen

06:02 PM Jul 22 2009 |


Saudi Arabia


01:26 PM Jul 23 2009 |