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Saudi beauty queen wins without showing her face



United Kingdom


Saudi beauty queen wins without showing her face



Saudi beauty queen Aya Ali al-Mulla trounced 274 rivals to win a crown, jewelry, cash and a trip to Malaysia—all without showing her face, Saudi media reported Friday.

With her face and body completely covered by the black head-to-toe abaya mandatory in the conservative Muslim kingdom, 18-year-old Mulla was named "Queen of Beautiful Morals" late Thursday, newspapers reported.

There was none of the swimsuit and evening gown competitions and heavy media coverage of beauty pageants elsewhere when the contest was decided in the eastern city of Safwa.

Instead, the winner and the two runner-up princesses had to undergo a three-month test of their dutifulness to their parents and family, and their service to society.

This included a battery of personal, cultural, social and psychological tests, Al-Watan reported.

It was unclear exactly what Mulla did to defeat her rivals in the huge field, but Al-Watan reported that the high school graduate had good grades and hopes to go into medicine.

She raked in a 5,000-riyal ($1,445) prize, a pearl necklace, diamond watch, diamond necklace and a free ticket to Malaysia with her win.

Contests focused on physical beauty don't exist in Saudi Arabia, where women must appear in public completely covered.

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02:14 AM Jul 27 2009 |

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There’s not different with beauty contest generally! It’s like the jury close their eyes and or blind and just hear what contestants speak! Very objective! The jury and audiences won’t focus to their bodies!

03:04 AM Jul 27 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

is it a joke?  That NINJA above the article won a beauty contest ?? Holy Crap!!

03:24 AM Jul 27 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

It is a competition about the beauty of morals, the morals that we learn from our religion Islam, the face and body are not accounted in the competition ..also it lasted to 3 months for qualfying …Innocent

by the way: I think there wasn't a need to wear abaya nor Hejab coz it was only among women …. I haven't been there …:P ..

08:48 AM Jul 27 2009 |



alright, that girl freaks me out!!!

alright, I dont have nothing against hijab , I like to see hijabs in people that want to wear it! they are freeto wear it, but its a OPEN  hijab like this:


freaks me out! they are too creepy!XD

btw, who said inside of this is a girl? it can be a guy too! :|

09:01 AM Jul 27 2009 |




ricky u're killing me xD


wow is that true?

that's good but,,,

beauty contest is about beauty, brain, behaviour, right? 


it's just too… strange :S


09:10 AM Jul 27 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Miss Moral beauty is Saudi woman ..what a nice news :)

I do really respect her so much

and guys pls if you respect yourselves ,respect her and other cultures ,coz as i know that democracy means 1st of all  (respect )^^

02:30 PM Jul 27 2009 |

White heart

Saudi Arabia

Moral, Moral, Moral I think it is the most important thing to deal with others in every day. If people who make this competition are do the right or not but I think they want to something new to make people be attention and bake to good behaviors and characters. I know this competion was made between women only . It is a way to say that woman is more than a body , she is a human full with all emotion, mercy . She is the lover mother, sister, daughter and wife.

12:00 PM Jul 29 2009 |