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Alter ego

Alter ego

Puerto Rico

Hello. I would like to get some sdvices about a special situation I am struggling with now.

I have had 2 bf. The first one was an ordinary boy but he always wanted to have sex with me and I didnt like it :( and he abandoned me with no explanation.

The second bf was kind of the boy of my dreams because he seemed to be a good person and his family had good values, but when He was aking me to be his gf I hesitated very much because my heart was broken because of the bad experience I had with the first one, but I decided to be with him because I wanted to love with all my heart :) but then he started to find a lot of excuses and abandoned me with no explanation and my heart was absolutely broken, so much that now I dont believe in men.

I just wonder if this will be the story of my life Cry

I know it is not good being resentful and I would like not to judge all men just because fo two, but I cant, I dont know why. Can you help me or give me a good advice about the things that happened to me or anything else?

Thank you and excuse me for opening my heart in public!


09:50 PM Jul 28 2009 |

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Whitney S

Whitney S


Yes, prince of Love is right :D as usual! Cool

10:19 PM Jul 28 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


- That's why you achieve on that goal Prince, because you are very lovely :)

10:35 PM Jul 28 2009 |



alter ego,

as the above says you are still young, your life just start:) the two guys don't even deserve your sadness!

time can cure many many hurts.

try to do something you are interested in, or something you want to do long time ago but it's still pending now, or stay with your friends…everything will be all right.

take care & wish you good luck!

02:32 AM Jul 29 2009 |




Alter…boys always tryin to take an advantage to a pretty girl like you…and they like the kind of girls that a little bit naughty behaviortoo…This is happened because you're a good girl…and they cannot have something bad to be played on you…just be patience…there will be someone for you out there…Laughing

04:51 AM Jul 29 2009 |



United States

first ask yourself this question,....WHAT IS LOVE?

11:46 PM Jul 29 2009 |



 Don:t use “abandon“ to description your Status。

you should change your mind. you should think GOD is just wanna tell you that  they are not your husband .so just forget it and try a new one .Just believe in yourself.and you will find your lover .best wishs.

01:55 AM Jul 30 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I dont know what to tell you girl…hhmmm

05:19 AM Jul 31 2009 |