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Life Talk!

check this story ppl :)

°✿・✿° « sweet » °✿・✿°

Saudi Arabia


Good morning every one

Today I have something 4 u guys,,its a story that I believe it carries a lot of meanings^^,,

and I hope that u will benefit from it as much as I did, So I'll leave with it!! 

 one day there was a boy who was always losing his temper. His father gave him a bag full of nails and said to him, “My son, I want you to hammer a nail into our garden fence every time you need to direct your anger against something and you lose your temper.” So the son started to follow his father’s advice. On the first day he hammered in 37 nails, but getting the nails into the fence was not easy, so he started trying to control himself when he got angry. As the days went by, he was hammering in less nails, and within weeks he was able to control himself and was able to refrain from getting angry and from hammering nails. He came to his father and told him what he had achieved. His father was happy with his efforts and said to him “But now, my son, you have to take out a nail for every day that you do not get angry.” The son started to take out the nails for each day that he did not get angry, until there were no nails left in the fence. He came to his father and told him what he had achieved. His father took him to the fence and said, “My son, you have done well, but look at these holes in the fence. This fence will never be the same again.” Then he added “When you say things in a state of anger, they leave marks like these holes on the hearts of others. You can stab a person and with draw the knife but it doesn’t matter how many times you say ‘I’m sorry,’ because the wound will remain.

That’s all folks 




07:32 AM Aug 06 2009 |

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ummm…nice story…tks!

so, be kind to all who you care. as the hurt can never be forgotten once it was caused…

07:43 AM Aug 06 2009 |



 thanks for nice story

08:25 AM Aug 06 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Great story and also great lesson, we should control ourselves sometimes especialy in driving, u know what i mean, LOL.

08:27 AM Aug 06 2009 |




sometimes it's not easy to stay calm and u need to cry to scream or to break smth to give out the anger and pain in your heart

06:12 AM Aug 07 2009 |

°✿・✿° « sweet » °✿・✿°

Saudi Arabia

thx 4 ur comment guys

jack<<<try to control ur self while u r driving or else u will lose ur life ,,

liz<<<<yeah am with u ,,cry and scream but dont hurt others feelings


02:27 PM Aug 07 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

it 's a such good story that carries a lot of lessons thank you sweet 

06:04 PM Aug 07 2009 |

°✿・✿° « sweet » °✿・✿°

Saudi Arabia

 welcome ,,,Laughing

06:20 PM Aug 07 2009 |



very uèseful story

life is full of paine but is better to plain.

it is said .don.t talk when you are angry

you will hammering the others.heart with big holes.

06:53 PM Aug 07 2009 |

°✿・✿° « sweet » °✿・✿°

Saudi Arabia


I prefer keeping that angr ,,inside me rather then hurting the others Cuz later on u will definitely feel guilty ,,but it might be too late to fix it,,The holes might have reached a place where words aren’t useful any more,, _

12:07 AM Aug 08 2009 |