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People in Europ, are really Christian ?!!!!!




If you are in europ, u must answer me

i know many people from europ , they tell they are christian but they not believe in god, So i ask how that , they answer they take religion from parents, they not choice, so they not pray or go to church

More Christian say they are , but no one of them know , how to pray , and when last time to church

Sorry , but i wanna answer ?

02:18 PM Aug 07 2009 |

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mmmm well, I think that there are people who believe in God and people who don't. I think that the european people you talk about are not religious, but they believe in God and in Jesus and that make them Christians;

GLASSY HEART: i think that there are people in your own muslim countries who aren't religious!!! You can't tell me that everyone goes to the mosque to pray 5 times a day, or do all that a good muslim has to do, because I met a lot of people who say they are muslims and they don't obey the islam's rules.

As Ricky said, u can't compare our religions (even if they are a bit close to eachother)  cuz there are differences too, we believe in a God who loves anyone, it doesn't matter if that person loves Him, He gives us free forgiveness; and we can pray in everywhere, no need to be in a church, cuz God is in everywhere, and no need to say the same prayers cuz Christianism is not supposed to be just formalism or monotonous.

And Matrix, a lot of people don't go church on Sunday, cuz as i said, we dont need to go to a church to talk with God…



09:33 PM Aug 08 2009 |





ohh you are sooo right. :) God is everywhere so we can pray where we want :)

09:37 PM Aug 08 2009 |




=D ;) everywhere, even when we are walking, or talking, in a kitchen, in classroom, in the car, at work, EVERYWHERE ;)

09:39 PM Aug 08 2009 |




We express our gratitude saying THANKS =) when we pray or doing good things to other people, there are many ways…


I'm religious I go church every Saturday (principally) and other days too, I go there because it feels good to be in a blessed place, and I like going there.


And… we can just believe in God to show our gratitude, we don't need to do anything, he just want our lives, he doesnt need us to go church or something like that, I go church cuz it's a better place to feel his presence.

09:49 PM Aug 08 2009 |






first of all, you arent christain, you know that i know you not, you told me before, 

yeah, i believe that god every where , god see us, 

you not understand what i mean, i mean alot of europain who we called them christain, they are not, they just live without religion , they think  all things about god or jesus in lair story

or like that they not need

 so they not pray

dont say you can pay in any time, basic praying in sunday 

 , you can pray other too, but you must go to church in sunday, 

Rickey, Sorry, god , make religion free for all, you can join and learn about other, why you say it must be closer, sorry, i not understand some of ur words,


yeah, like you said , but god make things forbid, we must not do it however,  if we do wrongs always, we will make god angry

dont say god will forgive us and we still do wrongs things

10:06 PM Aug 08 2009 |




sorry Pharaoh, I'm christian even if you think I'm not =) 

and, yeah it happens in every religion, there are people who say they are believers but they arent…

10:14 PM Aug 08 2009 |




 let me just tell one thing, if you dont understand my english, I dont have fault! dont blame! Natives can understand me perefectly, if you cant there is something wrong! the point is christianity is not islam. It is obvious to middle East people is hard to understand christianity and our acts since you guys only focus in your religion.

I read someone in the comments telling that christians should back for as they were or whatever! people, christianity has not change, what changed was people! people that are free to be whatever they want! We dont obligate none to be christians! the truth is that Christianism is the World Religion, with more belivers and more followers! the poin again is that we are free, and we dont need to read the kuran nor pray to say ''I am doin' what my god asks''!

Look, tell me, Would you be a nice muslim in go to the mosque just for obligation? no! here anyone has the right to pray, or not to pray. 

look i've never read the whole bibble, i rarely pray, and I dont go church fluently! and I can tell you that i'm better than those who read the whole bible , that pray everyday and go to the church everyday, but those people might be sinners , they are fake or whatever!

what is important is what you believe and not what you act like!

I hope this was enough and if you cant understand , hire a translator.

10:29 PM Aug 08 2009 |




i totally agree with RICKY ;)

10:34 PM Aug 08 2009 |



I can choose whatever religion I like, but as a matter of fact, my own strong faith is the only thing which prevents me to convert to any other religion. More importantly, I found many decisive answers in my religion which do not exist in any other religion at all. (No offense).


no offense, but I very highly suspect that if you were born where I live now, to parents who were Roman Catholic, you would likely say the exact same thing about being a Christian. People here and throughout Latin America also have the freedom to choose whatever religion they like, and 90% plus choose one branch of Christianity. Why do you think that is? 

10:53 PM Aug 08 2009 |






yeah, i not believe you , not cos words, cos many things, i speak or wrote it to you before, if you remember, you are always change ur opinion, when you like , not just cos it wrong, i ask you before about some, if you wanna see, i can sent you some, you said to one , i like israel , then comment to other that you hate israel, you show photos before, about quran and musilem , and you believe that islam is good religion, and u now attack bad musilem ,  how you saw little good before, and now your eyes cant get them again,

You are free, to choose, i not say you are wrong, but dont say to me fake, did i lie to you before, did i lie to other ? , you have something, i do bad for you before?

if you say no, why you attack me, i have problem before with one of ur friend, you comment that , " pls ignore him, he is so bad" why you say that ricky, i not angry from you, cos i'm sure , you not know me, and this is your wrong, your eyes is so little to see fact, you just review my words, to see how my english, cos i not good in it

we had 5 praying every day, we must pray  all in home or mosque, only one in friday, we must pray it in mosque,

so all  come to pray,so you not call them unbeliever cos they not pray all, but i call them fake cos they know god is real


 to not pray , this is ur business, i just share my opinion, i know more from my friends, some of them are really christain , and they know this too, know 

why need to act ? tell me, i will not get thing like unbeliever

1. i cant make sex

2. cant drink beer or other

3. cant do bad for other or for my self

4. always have fix things to do and fix things to not

you know, cos i must do , if i love god, 

not cos i'm musilem, but this is for christain too, they said


11:10 PM Aug 08 2009 |