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Ramadan is coming soon

ambitious rody


Actually i'm so happy that the best month for muslims will come soon,i'm waiting for it .

It's a gift from Allah to us ,he forgives our sins whatever they were.

So we must do our best in that month,worship Allah as much as we can.

We should try to purify our heart ,to be more tolerant .

the profet Muhammed (peace be upon him)said that if muslims knew what is Ramadan,they would wish that all  the months of the year become Ramadan.

so please ,try to make use of that month,don't waste it,it's our chance to change.

please ,to all muslims,try to be better .We can change our life by this holy month.

11:41 PM Aug 13 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

hi rody i hope to be fine and happy ramadan for u and for

all muslimes

12:43 AM Aug 14 2009 |




Before fasting, First I beg your forgiveness…

01:01 AM Aug 14 2009 |