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Questions to muslim girls




Hi friends,

I have some questions to muslim girls. I always was interested in how do you meet boys(men), how do the boys(men)  propose marriage, how do you enter to a marriage, how do you like your life in marriage and if it possible for you to divorce? 

Tell me about traditions and anything you think is interesting about muslim wedding and relationships.

Thank you. 

10:20 AM Aug 15 2009 |

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Thank you very much, Rosella.  I hope you'll find your happiness(if you didn't find it yet)Smile

I've heard that a boy and a girl, when they are engaged, can't see each other one-on-one, without witnesses before marriage. Is it true?

And I want to know more about Hijab. How important it in muslim girl's life?

11:20 AM Aug 15 2009 |



Hi. Veri Interesting answers!

03:56 PM Aug 15 2009 |




Thanks for the answers, Rosella.

And thank you, Matrix. It's very important to know a man's point of view.

I think it's a very interesting topic, because many of my friends think that Muslim girls aren't free in their choice. But now I can tell them that it's not true.   

04:16 PM Aug 15 2009 |




About the Hijab:

d 1st period of time can be difficult

Why? What kind of difficulty it is? Emotional?

when I go abroad, ppl might look at me in a strange way, they sometimes gaze , like if I came from d outer space

Yes, it true. When I walk on the street and see Muslim girls I can hear people saying: Look, look! Muslims!

It's because you look different. It always attracts people's attention. Some people think that you are not happy and not free. They just don't know the truth.

One more question: Could Muslim girl marry to not Muslim boy? Or Muslim boy – to not Muslim girl? 

04:57 PM Aug 15 2009 |




etery might change her mind about Muslims. Laughing

I respect all religions and respect people's choice if they didn't make it  by force. I'm not going to change my mind.

I'm just curious Smile



05:21 PM Aug 15 2009 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

May I pull the straw?


I brushed elbows with some muslim ladies so I can say that somehow I know where they are coming from.. Most of them tell me that thay feel caged.. I won't expound further for I don't want to ellicit negative responses.. 


Despite that I would still be happy to wear an abaya someday..

05:42 PM Aug 15 2009 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

Hi etery,

Nice questions from you.

how do you meet boys(men)?

Usually, we don't meet boys. I'll talk in general; because it also differs according to family. Often, a man who intends to marry a girl should meet her father or the person who responsible for this girl. After agreement between two sides, family of a man and family of a woman, then the next stage will be engagement, during this period, they will know each other and after that, the last stage which is marriage and wedding party where they announce for everyone that they will get marriage and invite people. In my country, the girls often get marriage from their cousins. It also depends on family.

how do the boys(men)  propose marriage?

As I know, at first, if this boy has a sister or mother, he will ask them to meet this girl or her mother and see if they agree to marry him. Then his mother or sister will call the girl's mother and arrange a meeting with them. After that, the mother of boy will visit a mother of girl, absolutely they will ask several questions about boy and girl. Then, the mother will talk with the girl's father and she will see, and if he agrees, they will arrange a day when the family of boy will come and both boy and girl will see each other and they will engage. I think this is the system of proposing marriage and it also differs from family to other.

how do you enter to a marriage?

It is like above how the process of marriage goes on.

how do you like your life in marriage and if it possible for you to divorce?

Likeness between groom and bride usually happen before wedding party, when they sees each and discover the characteristic of each other.

About divorce, it is possible. It happens for many reasons either from man side or woman side. 

06:28 PM Aug 15 2009 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates


I did not generalize.. That's why I said most of the muslim ladies I brushed elbows with..

I decline to expound more. I don't want the others to think that I have something against anyone or anything..

How is it like to be caged? You surely know the answer..

07:02 PM Aug 15 2009 |




I'm so grateful to everyone. I found out a lot of interesting things about Muslims. Thank you.

Can you also, explain for us the way it is done, in Russia? we will be really happy if you also share it with us..

Ok, Prince, I'll tell you. I hope others don't mind too.

A boy in Russia doesn't have to ask a girl's parents. If a boy and a girl like each other they can see each other without a permition of parents and without witnesses, if they want. Sometimes, if a girl(boy) is very young and has strict parents, they(parents) may forbid her(him) to see that boy(girl) because they don't like him(her). But when it stoped two people who are in love?

Nowadays it's not a common situation and young people are free to make their choice.

They can date for years before they get married. Some of young people think that marriage is not important. They can decide to move in together and have kids but without getting married.

But still most of girls dreams about white wedding dress. A girl waits for the right man who ask her for marriage and present a beautiful ring. Actually, a ring is not necessary. If he just say ”Will you marry me?”, it will be enough. He also can ask her father, brother or whoever of her family if he wants.

Usually, if a man has a serious intentions to a woman, he introduce her to his parents. After this a woman can hope that he wants to marry her.

If he asked her for marriage and she said YES, then they have a wedding. Or don't have a wedding and just sign papers and receive a document which says that from now they are a married couple.

If they have a wedding, they can have it large, if they have enough money, or modestly, if they don't.

If they are Orthodox(like most of people in Russia), they also can get married in Orthodox Church.

After a wedding happy couple usually has a honeymoon. They can go somewhere together (to Paris for example) and enjoy each other.

And then everyday life begins. But if they really love each other, they don't afraid of dull routine but enjoy every moment of their life.

07:53 PM Aug 15 2009 |



Thank you all for your answers :) Barak Allah Fekom And I am proud to be MUSLIM

09:03 PM Aug 15 2009 |